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weeping cherry tree

by Kim
(Hoppers crossing Vict oria Australia)

This spring my weeping cherry tree has not come back to life at all. No buds or leaves on it. Is it too late to do anything, is there something I can do? Would it be lack of water as I have kept it watered and the honey suckle close to it is green and fine. Desperate, do not want to lose it.

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Dec 08, 2009
Established wepping cherry
by: Kim

The tree has been planted since 2000 so I would call it definitely established. I don't believe it has been overwatered as it was such a dry winter we had. It would have had no more than 5 mins of water once a week and if we had rain no extra water given. It is close to a Celtic Cascade and that has come back fine, Thanks for your tips I will do those and hopefully it is in shock and not gone. It is a beautiful tree with a trunk that is probably 10inches circumfrence so will be sad if I have lost it. Thank you

Dec 08, 2009
Weeping Cherry Problem
by: Kimberly

Hi Kim, Kimberly here from landscape solutions for you. Thank you for asking the question on your Weeping Cherry.

How long have you had the Weeping Cherry? If it is fairly new planted into the ground, it could be in shock after the winter and spring months.

If it is an established tree, there are a few reasons it may be shock with no leaves or buds.

I would recommend testing the tree. Take a small sharp knife and scratch the surface or a branch or the trunk. If it is green, it is still alive. If it is brown, this is a sign that the tree is in shock or could be dying.

You said you watered it throughout the winter months. Sometimes too much or too little water during the dormant season can cause a tree to go into shock, especially when the ground and air temperatures change from cold to warm.

There are a couple of things you can do. If you have a nursery or garden center close by, take a small branch and have them look at this. You could also add some fertilizer to the ground. I recommend organic mushroom compost. This is a great fertilizer that will last up to one year.

You may also have a disease or fungus. Check the bark and also see if the branches are brittle.

I hope this helps some and please let us know what you kind. Hopefully the Weeping Cherry can come back. Thanks again for asking the question here at landscape solutions for you.

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