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Virginia Sweetspire Tree - Henry Garnet

The Virginia Sweetspire is a native plant specimen in the southeastern part of the United States. This shrub or small tree grows well in zones five through nine. It's also known by its cultivator name, Henry Garnet.

This cultivator's flowers are longer than the original specimen. Some people view as a scrub tree. You may find this specimen on the edge of woods. The flowers emerge in the spring and stay throughout the warm summer months. The leaves becomes vibrant as the fall brings cooler temperatures.

Spring Blooms On Henry Garnet

Tiny White Virginia Sweetspire Flowers
Close Up Of Virginia Sweetspire

The Henry Garnet is considered an evergreen in warmer climates and will become deciduous as you go further north. It can mature anywhere from three up to ten feet high and may spread out up to six feet. Depending on your geographic location, the Virginia Sweetspire will begin to show off its blossoms in mid spring or summer.

Clusters of delicate white flowers emerge. These flowers will send out a mild fragrance. The leaves have a deep and rich green color, and a well defined shape. This shrub can take full sun or partial shade.

Sweetspire Trunk

Trunk Of Henry Garnet

The Garnet has a striking trunk. Notice the color tones and smooth texture. Below, Herbee has provided more information on different tree trunks for you to see.

The Henry Garnet loves moist and wet soils. However, a great aspect of this specimen is that it's also drought tolerant. It can be commonly seen in the woods mingling throughout other evergreen and deciduous trees and shrubs.

When the autumn air becomes cooler, the Henry Garnet leaves will transform from green into rich tones of purple and red. Due to the flowering in spring and summer months, and the colorful leaves in the fall, Herbee highly recommends this wonderful specimen for a garden setting.

There are different varieties that will enhance the beauty of your outdoor space.

Herbee's Pick:
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The Virginia Sweetspire can be used as an accent plant and is striking if planted in masses. It looks great with an evergreen back drop of Arborvitae trees. Read more on the Arborvitaes below.

This is a great native and accent specimen for your landscape. There are so many different varieties of plants. Now is a great time to research for your upcoming growing season in any geographic location.

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