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Vegetable Seeds

Vegetable seeds started now, result in wonderful full grown plants for you upcoming gardens. You can germinate indoors if you live in a colder climate. Warmer climates where the ground doesn't freeze, can be done as early as February. Self sufficiency or self sustaining gardens are becoming more popular today. People all over are looking to save money. Starting your own vegetable garden is a great way to save, eat healthier, and exercise. You have many choices of different seeds, plugs, or plants to buy. Herbee loves Burpee. He has used their seeds for years, with great results.

Below is some of Herbee's favorites! Order today and enjoy in the near future.

Cucumbers And Pole Beans

Early Bird Delicious Cucumbers

Any garden you create, the first step I have mentioned many times is to plan your garden. What veggies does your family enjoy? Two that come to mind are cucumbers and Pole Beans. There are several ways once grown to prepare them for eating. When we think of cucumbers, what automatically comes to mind is a big delicious salad. Cucumber sandwiches with dressing or mayonnaise is another good meal for you. How many of you like to add cucumbers in other dishes, such as macaroni or potato salad?

Have you tried making cucumbers as an appetizer? Herbee will lice cucmbers to around one inch. Scoop out insides. In a bowl blend together 1 8 oz. sour cream, 1 cup of mayonaise, fresh herbs such as chopped basil and garlic. Add a pinch of pepper, and mix. Chop up the scooped cucumbers and put with the blended items. Place mixture in cucumber shells, and serve on a platter garnished with fresh parsley. Enjoy!

Kentucky Wonder Pole Beans

Kentucky pole beans are a favorite hear in this house. We plant the seeds after properly preparing the soil. Once the beans have surfaced and enlarged, we put stakes and string along the rows of beans. This allows the plants to grow upward and correctly.

Once the beans are mature in size, go ahead and pick them. Now comes the fun part, a variety of ways to prepare and enjoy. One of our favorites is to steam fresh beans. Pole beans are longer then regular green beans.

Different options is to grill the beans with other vegetables. Use a grill pain, or put the fresh veggies in foil. You can do this in a fire pit, gas or charcoal grill. Cooking times will vary. Quick tip, veggies that are not overcooked, gives you a higher vitamin intake.

Cherry Tomatoes And Spinach

Super Sweet Mouth Watering Small Tomatoes

Ah, how many of you have popped a fresh cherry tomato or two in your mouth? Cherry tomatoes can be germinated from seeds. Options of planting the plugs or more mature plants right into the ground or container garden. One of the neat things Herbee does in late fall, pick the cherry tomatoes, freeze them in quart bags. Pop out a few of them and add them to fresh tomato sauce, or goulash.

Herbee Greenthumb

Secret tip from Herbee:

Don't defrost the cherry tomatoes. An example would be for a salad with greens. The tomatoes will get mushy and loose their flavor.

Herbee learned the hard way!"

Rich Green Spinach

Herbee loves spinach. You can plant spinach in the spring and again in late summer. Here in the south, many gardeners plant this crop in fall for early season eating. Our ground here doesn't freeze, so we make the most of the warmer climate.

Know your soil conditions, ground temperatures, and plan to have a couple of different crops of spinach to enjoy. Think about the nutritional value of the this rich green veggie. Steamed, tossed in a salad, and in winter months, great casserole dish.

Corn And Beef Steak Tomatoes

Sensational Yellow And White Corn

Down here in the southeastern United States, the summer months of barbecue and cookouts come often. One of the highlights is grilling, baking, or steaming yellow or white corn. Each color produces a different flavor. Great addition to your garden and meals. You can also take the corn off the cobs and freeze the corn. Another wonderful veggie for the cooler months.

People's Favorite Big Beef Tomatoes

One of the most popular large tomatoes to grow and eat, is the big beef. I have germinated the big beef in the green house and also directly into the ground. You will want to use tomato cages as these plants mature. Tomatoes love sun. Make sure the plants are watered, but don't over water. When prepping, make sure the soil is rich in quality and drainage. Doing these steps now, gives you a great chance for delicious tomatoes throughout the warmer months.

Green Beans And Peas

Popular Beans Producing A Great Crop

How many of you like green beans? Well this bush variety is one of the most popular today. Tom and I grow these beans yearly. As with pole beans, we put the seeds directly into the ground. Once established, we do the same thing with putting stakes and string along the rows. Talk about delicious flavor. My favorite with the bush beans is to steam and add some fresh herbs to garnish. A combination of herb and veggie garden is ideal.

Sow Peas In Cooler Climates

This variety of peas is for you folks that live in a cooler climate. The seeds are developed especially for you to sow directly into the ground. The pods are rich in color. Great nutritional value, and mouth watering flavor. Plan to freeze or can these peas. There is nothing like having fresh peas year around

Costa Rician Peppers And Hot Peppers

Sweet And Tasty Costa Rican Peppers

The Costa Rican pepper is one of the sweeetest peppers in Herbee's mind. Plant this variety with the yellow banana pepper. Once mature and ready to pick, you can eat raw, or cook up with other fresh vegetables. Cutting the peppers up to garnish salads are delightful.

Another idea is to freeze the peppers. During the colder months, thaw and make stuffed peppers. You will be able to savor the freshness of your garden and the warmer summer months. You have a lot of options, so plan now for your favorite recipes throughout the year.

Five Varieties Hot Peppers

Hot peppers anyone? We never go through a growing season with planting a variety of hot peppers. Although my stomach can't take a lot of spice, the rest of the family enjoys fresh varieties of hot peppers cut up in a salad. Each year before frost, Herbee gathers the different peppers, and cans them. His recipe is: put a few fresh garlic cloves, and steam vinegar. The canned peppers last throughout the color months. Each February, he germinate the pepper seeds indoors. Once mature, Herbee plants them out in the garden.

Ten vegetables, and there you have it. You can grow your own vegetables. Of course there are many other vegetable seeds you can purchase, grow, and enjoy. There is nothing like starting your vegetable seeds indoors or sowing them directly into the ground. Watch the mature, harvest, and delicious meals you and your family can have. Self sufficiency or self sustaining gardens provide you with so many benefits. Think about starting your vegetable garden today!

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