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Tree close to the house

I am looking for a unique looking tree for my flower bed in front of my house. It will receive the hot west sun. I have about 15 feet of space although I don't want it to take up the entire area as I would like to put a large stone their also. A couple of suggestions have been a golden diadora and a blue atlas cedar but my research on these trees have shown them to be too big in the future. I don't want to plant it now and have to pull it out 10 years from now. Any suggestions.

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Jan 11, 2011
Dwarf Atlas Cedar
by: Kimberly

Hi, Kimberly here again. There is a dwarf Alas Cedar available. It is a slow grower and at its maturity in about ten years, it can reach heights of eight to ten feet, and five to seven feet wide. Of course you can keep it pruned.

You will need to bring it away from your foundation at least three feet. I recommend five or more feet if possible. If you plant it too close to your foundation, the tree will not grow properly. The Cedar will grow on all three sides except the side facing the foundation.

If it you are interested in the dwarf variety, check at your local nurseries and garden centers. If it isn't available, see if they can bring some in.

Thanks again and let us know if you are going to plant the dwarf and if the nurseries around you have any.

Jan 11, 2011
How far?
by: Anonymous

How far from the foundation does the blue cedar atlas need to be? Also, I saw online that there is a dwarf blue cedar atlas. Does that look the same as the larger version or is simply dwarfed because of the pruning?

Jan 11, 2011
Blue Atlas Cedar
by: Kimberly

Hi, Kimberly here again from landscape solutions for you. I would recommend the Blue Atlas Cedar over the Deador Cedar along your foundation.

Make sure if you have the room, to plant it away from the foundation. You can keep it prune, once it is established. You will want to get on a pruning schedule. If you plant in the next month or two, plan on pruning in the fall. Let the tree get established. Add some organic mushroom compost to your soil when planting. This is a great organic fertilizer that will last up to one year.

Make sure when you prune you trim the branches at an angle. You can also top the tree to keep the height where you want it. Also, when first planting, make sure you get on a good watering schedule.

Let us know what you decide. Thanks again and the best of luck to you. Have a great day!

Jan 10, 2011
Blue Atlas Cedar
by: Anonymous

Can a blue atlas cedar or yellow deadora be pruned and maintained in a flowerbed in front of the house? What I have read of these trees, they get 30-40ft tall and 30 ft wide. Can they be controlled. People are using them close to their homes everywhere around here but I just wonder if that will be a problem 10 years from now. These trees are definately the look I have in mind but not if they are monsters in a few years. I have been looking at all of the info you have been sending me, thank you so much for all of your time.

Jan 08, 2011
Crooked Willow Tree
by: Kimberly

Hi, Kimberly here again. The Crooked Willow tree, or Corkscrew Willow, or Curly Willow is a great ornamental tree. It will grow to 30 feet, and one of the biggest problems is its roots go upward and could get into your foundation. This would be the concern I have.

In Oklahoma, you would be in a zone seven or eight. A thought would be a Drooping Leucothe. It only grows to six feet, but has that ornamental look I think you are wanting. The problem with a lot of trees, even small ones, are their root systems near a foundation. Having done many residential and commercial jobs, planting trees along a foundation can be tricky.

How about -
1. Old Fashion Weigela
2. Common Witch Hazel
3. Silk Tree
4. Sidney Golden Wattle
5. Japanese Andromeda

See if you like any of these. Let me know and we can go from here. Thanks for the information you provided. Look forward to hearing from you.

Jan 08, 2011
From Oklahoma

Thanks Kimberly, I think I really am wanting a tree more than a shrub. How would a crooked willow do? The last one I had really looked different and grew fast but got a little bigger than I thought it would. I was'nt sure about how to prune it either. I live in Oklahoma.

Jan 08, 2011
Tree Close To House
by: Kimberly

Hi, Kimberly here from landscape solutions for you. Thank you for asking the question on getting suggestions for planting a tree close to your house.

I am not sure what geographic location you live in, but here are a few suggestions with large shrubs or small trees that can take full sun.

1. Tea Olive - or Osmanthus - beautiful evergreen that can be kept pruned. Fragrant white tiny flowers that can produce year around.

2. Loropetalum - different size evergreen shrubs. Gives you some height and width. Variegated green and purple tone leaves.

3. Clyera - different evergreen varieties. Great larger shrub once established.

4. Weeping Japanese Maple - great deciduous shrub behind a stone setting. I have used this specimen in many designs along a foundation. Great ornamental look.

5. Scarlet Firehorn - evergreen that will grow up to ten feet in southern climates and less in colder climates. Great in front of large rock.

6. Little Gem dwarf Magnolia - another beautiful evergreen small tree. Large white Magnolia flowers in late spring and summer.

7. Large variety of Indian Hathorn - evergreen that can grow to six feet. A great backdrop for a large rock.

These are just a few that come to mind. Can give you more suggestions if needed. Feel free to let us know what climate you live in also. Thanks again for asking the question, and best of luck to you on finding the right specimen to plant close to your house. A great long range plan you have in wanting to know the maturity of the tree in ten years. Have a great day!

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