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Teas Made From Herbs

Teas made from herbs can be bought from the market, or you can make them yourself. I wanted to share with you some information on some herbs and their possible mental and physical benefits.

Herbee and I have studied herbs for years, but are not medical professionals. If you are interested in herbs for internal use, one of the most important things you can do for yourself: always speak to a professional before you ever ingest any type of plant specimen.

Teas made from herbs can be used as a substitute for regular tea and coffee, and can be purchased in your local markets. They are relatively weak and harmless, but don't offer the benefits of real herb drinks. The more potent herbs come from health stores, herb shops, and from your own herb garden. They can be fresh or dried. Below is a list of some different herbs you could use to make herbal drinks.







Herbee Shares Healthy Herbal Insights

  • Angelica - a possible digestive aid.
  • Basil - good for increasing your energy level.
  • Blueberry - a pleasant before meal drink.
  • Catnip - not just for our pets, this herb is known
    to help relax and treat mild depression.
  • Chamomile - a nice drink before going to bed.
  • Cinnamon - clears the brain and helps with the
    thought process.
  • Dandelion - improves kidney and liver function.
  • Fennel - good for kidney function.
  • Ginger - helps restore appetite.
  • Ginseng - gives you an energy boost.
  • Horehound - helps loosen congestion.
  • Jasmine - helps settle the nerves.
  • Licorice - serves as a good laxative.
  • Orange flavored - helps you fall asleep.
  • Parsley - acts as a good diuretic.
  • Peppermint - Works well for gas.
  • Sage - helps improve brain function.
  • Sarsaparilla - may help in balancing hormones.
  • Thyme - can help with sore throats.
  • Yarrow - an overall tea used for the entire body.

Herbee's Hot Buzzing
Ginger Drink

This ginger drink a great gift idea. Buy it for that someone special, or for your own health.

Herbee Greenthumb

Holistic and herbal remedies have been around for thousands of years. People from all over the world have benefited from growing and using natural herbs. Our society today is becoming more and more aware of the possible benefits from using herbs. Make sure you research each herb you are planning on using.

There is an easy method to creating teas made from herbs. Put one tablespoon of the herb in a tea ball and place in a cup of boiling water. Let the mixture simmer anywhere from five to ten minutes. Remove the ball and it is ready to drink. You don't have to use a ball, and just put the herbs directly into the hot water.

You can make a larger quantity by using a pot on the stove. Use one tablespoon of herb for every cup of water. The summertime can be hot and sticky. You can make a refreshing drink by just adding ice cubes. A variety of herbs will give you a delightful drink. Chamomile, Peppermint, Apple and Orange flavors are just a few. A nice finishing touch is adding a fresh lemon slice or a sprig or two of fresh mint.

You have many different options today to live a better quality life. Any of the herbs listed above can provide you with not only a nice relaxing drink, but can also serve with possible health benefits. Herbee and I hope this little bit of information will be a small guide to better enjoyment of herbs, and life.

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