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Shade Garden Plans

Shade garden plans will give you a few different options of plants. Herbee understands that many of you have areas that don't get a lot of sunlight. There are a variety of different trees, shrubs and flowers available today. If you have existing trees, this style of garden could just be right for you. The nice thing is you can also create one yourself by incorporating new trees and other plant specimens.

Let's think about areas in your front, side or backyard that could become a shady paradise. You can implement a single bed or have several different shape beds throughout one particular part of your yard. Many people have a lot of older trees in their front yard or woods in their backyard.

Define a few beds or leave it natural and plant some shrubs and flowers that will match the paint, siding, wood, or shutters of your home. This is known as color scheme landscaping. An example: if you shutters are brown, and your siding is white, rich tone foliage plants would compliment your house colors. Many people have brick or stone exteriors. Another example is if your brick has a little bit of blue or gray shades, bring in a couple of teal tone evergreens, such as a few varieties of Junipers. Vibrant flowers from a Hydrangea plant. Always think about your end result you are looking for. Below are some plants that just might work for you.

Aucuba Bush, Fatsia, Azalea

Close Up Of Fatsia

Notice how the Aucuba has variegated yellow and green leaves. Picture a place in your shaded area that this shrub would work. If you live in a warmer climate, the Fatsia is a good accent plant with the Aucuba. There are hundreds of different Azalea varieites for you to choose from. The Azalea is a popular plant because of all the colors. Another example is if you use the Aucuba and Fatsia, and you are looking for a dwarf shrub that produces a pink tone. The Gumpo Azalea is perfect to use as a border in front of the the Aucuba and Fatsia. Remember, you have a lot of options for areas that don't get much if any sunlight. Here are a few more specimens for you.

Shade Option Plants, Rare Hydrangea Vine, And Fantastic Azalea Book


  1. Camellia
  2. Hosta
  3. Gardenia - partical shade
  4. Kerri - part shade
  5. Mahonia
  6. Mountain Laurel
  7. Rhododendron
  8. Viburnum
  9. Variegated Privet

  10. Flowers

  11. Columbine
  12. Bleeding Heart
  13. Purple Cone
  14. Phlox
  15. Geranium

  16. Ground Covers

  17. Lady Fern
  18. Bishops Caps
  19. St. Johnswort
  20. Irish Moss
  21. Woolly Thyme

    Herbee Greenthumb

    Herbee here. Want something a little different for your shaded area? How about a rare pink Hydrangea vine? Oh how Herbee loves to share these treasures with you! Check out the details today.

    Clarence does a fantastic job in describing the different varieties and uses for this vibrant plant specimen. This is a five star book by the readers just like you.

    Azaleas provide you with so much color. Some varieties will bloom twice a year. Once in springtime and once in fall. You can't beat that beauty. Read more insights on this book.

    All these plants are just a small suggestion of what you can plant if you are thinking about doing a shade garden. As you can see there are plenty of different trees, shrubs and flowers available. Give your yard a brand new look and enjoy great colors all year long.

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