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Planter Ideas

Planter ideas gives you suggestions for your outside areas. Container gardening has become more popular over the last few years. You have a busy life style, and not much time for weeding and watering large areas. Decorative containers add a special touch to your outdoor living. Oh, how Herbee loves to stroll down a street and see decorative pots full of colorful flowers.

This article will talk about some different options you have, and some suggestions on what type of pot goes into a particular garden area. Creating a beautiful container can be simple.

Ceramic Planters

Blue Decorative Ceramic Planters with Bench In Between

Iron Planter Stand

Ornate Black Iron Planter Stand For Multiple Pots

Set Of Three Clay Pots

Clay Pots

Planter ideas are endless with a variety of ceramic, plastic, concrete, clay, and wooden pots available. Plus, there are options for many styles of plant stands. When choosing the right container for you, here are a few guide lines to follow.

People put pots and containers just about anywhere outside. They have them on their front porch, steps, decks, patios, bed areas, by pools, and by benches. Your first step is to figure out where you want your container or pot.

Pick the right size pot. If you are putting the pots on your steps or front porch, try and find one that has some height. This is stunning from curb side view. Decks and patios can generally have any size. Is there any other outdoor feature, such as a fence or furniture? Try and match the colors, or accent the colors in the same color tones.

Container placement opens up even more planter ideas. Think about putting one or two pots in a defined bed area. You can put a container near a bench, pond or other outdoor feature such as a bird feeder, especially a hummingbird feeder.

Place an arrangement of red annual flowers, such as Deep Salmon, or Tempo Cinnamon Impatiens, and border them with giant Giant Exhibition Limelight Coleus. Incorporate a couple of your containers in between some trees and shrubs.

Variety Of Different Pots

Clay Pots

Corner Wooden Planter

Corner Wooden Planter

The first picture is a variety of clay pots and decorative planters. Notice the big pot. This is a Pieris Japonica shrub. It looks great in the container and is a wonderful evergreen plant that flowers in February and March. The second photo is nice for a country or cottage setting. These planters are wonderful for perennial or annual flowers.

Place two containers on either side of an entrance to a kidney shape bed or a formal setting. This is a great feature to have as it creates a very nice visual. There are many different plant specimens to use.

Herbee's Hot Buzz Planter Idea

Herbee Greenthumb

Grab yourself a decent size decorative planter. Position a dwarf shrub in the center, such as a dwarf Hinoki Cypress, Blue Star Juniper, or dwarf Blue Point Juniper. Add some perennials around the shrub.

Put a couple sprigs of ivy or foliage Vinca to cascade over the sides of the pots. This is great on porches, a balcony, patio, or deck. You can also do a couple of pots on either sides of any entrance ways you may have.

Perennial flowers work well. Try using these varieties: Purple Coneflower (Echinacea) with some Shasta Daisy (white knight or snow lady). Evening Primrose (Oenothera) is great for a planter. If putting Evening Primrose out in a garden area, it will multiply.

Of course any type of herb will be wonderful. Create your very own container herb garden by using any type of planter. I love putting basil in with garlic chives, oregano and parsley.

Herbee's Hot Buzzing Containers For You

More Planter Ideas: Blend Your Colors

Create your own pots or containers by using color flowers or shrubs that go well together.

  • yellow with purple, purple with white, purple and pink
  • red with white, reds with yellow, blue and red
  • orange with white, orange with yellow, orange and blue
  • Any of these colors can be accented great with a solid or variegated green.

Herbee's Final Thoughts

These are just a few simple tips in considering containers for your garden area. Creating some annual pots will give you the option of putting a different variety in every year.

Herbee hopes this has given you a little insight on the different varieties of pots and containers available to you.

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