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Plant Watering Tips

Plant watering tips will give you some insights on how to keep your gardens and lawn healthy. Many people worry about the cost when they decide to invest in a landscape project. When any tree, shrub, flower or herb is first planted, it is critical to protect your investment and use the right amount of moisture to get roots established in the ground.

Once a plant is established you can adjust the H2O schedule. Climate and geographical location will play a major role on how many times a week H20 schedule says you have to water. Let's take a look at tips and techniques for keeping your specimens healthy.

Watering Trees

After the tree is planted, take a hose and place the hose near the base of the tree. Turn the hose on to a slow drip and water for 45 minutes to an hour. Every 15 minutes you can move the hose around, so the moisture will evenly soak into the ground. I recommend doing this for a couple of weeks.

You can now cut the pattern down to twice a week for a month until the roots get established. Times may vary due to drought conditions or rain. Some trees require more moisture then others. You will need to keep the roots soaked at least three times a week.

A good way to test to see if your ground is dry is to take a small shovel and dig three to four inches close to the trunk. If the ground is moist you will be fine for a few days. Always do this as the ground surface will be the first to dry out. Also, by doing this step you will get to know the schedule of that particular tree. It is a good idea to know the patterns of any plant before you put in the ground.

Herbee Greenthumb

Herbee's Extra Plant Watering Tip Tip:

Hi Everyone, Herbee here. A little extra info just for you. Did you know that a River Birch tree needs more water than other large trees? The River Birch should be planted in well drained soil. Keep the tree roots moist throughout the warmer months of the year. It's a beautiful tree that can give you and your family years of shade and relaxation.

Plant Watering Tips For Shrubs Or Bushes

Shrubs are given moisture the same way as trees. Once the shrub is planted take the hose and put around the base of the shrub. Turn the hose on low and place the it near the ground. Keep the on for five to ten minutes and let the moisture soak into the soil. Do this step for the first couple of weeks.

Continue to this pattern with the shrubs, as you will be able to tell if the plant is getting enough moisture. One of the mistakes some people make is they take a sprayer and spray the leaves and feel this is moisturizing the plant. Not a good thing to do. Always try and water a plant near the ground or root system. Once a shrub is established you can cut back on the amount of days per week.

Flowers Need Water

Here are your plant watering tips for flowers. They need more moisture then trees or shrubs, especially in the warm summer months. Use a hose in the same manner. Be careful not to put the hose on too fast, as you could damage the blossoms or leaves. Herbs will need more H20, especially if they are in containers.

The same step for testing if your flowers are dry applies here. Take a small spade and dig two inches around around the flower to see if the ground is dry. This is a good method if your leaves are turning yellow. Yellow leaves are a sign of over or under watering. Track your patterns in the beginning. Another Herbee tip: Life today is very rushed and everyone is busy. No matter how many plants you put in the ground, it is an investment to you, so take the time to properly take care them.

Watering Options

Irrigation is a great investment. We have an irrigation system put in our front yard a few years back. Our fescue is lush and green. Herbee recommends hiring out to have irrigation installed. The specialist will also know how to work through tree roots using a ditch witch. The ditch witch will make the correct width, and cut through large roots.

Oscillator Sprinkler
An above ground sprinkler system is less expensive than irrigation, but you want to make sure you get good quality sprinklers. Both the above ground and in-ground irrigation, if done correctly, will give you the results you need for healthy gardens and lawns.

If you use an oscillating sprinkler, make sure you water long enough to allow the moisture to soak in the ground. People have run into problems as the surface is wet, but one to two inches below is completely dry, and your plants will dry out.

It is important when planting a tree, to make sure you have the right watering techniques until the roots get established. Herbee doesn't recommend using a sprayer if conditions are real dry, or you are in a drought situation. Sprayers are good for misting the leaves and plants. If you have the time, the best plant watering tip is to use the hose directly around the tree, shrub, or flower roots. You will have the best results!

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How can you go wrong with these three products? Great ways to make your life a little easier in this busy world of ours. Click on the pictures and get all the details. Herbee knows you will be glad you did. Your main goal to obtain healthy plants is to have an overall plan and put the plan into action throughout the entire year.

A little planning allows you to not only enjoy your outdoors, it also creates a solid investment of your own time and money.

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