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Pieris Japonica A Wonderful Ornamental Shrub

The Pieris Japonica is a gorgeous ornamental shrub. Great plant specimen to complete a full season landscape area. When doing any garden or particular bed, your goal is to think about having color year around. In spring you have trees and shrubs beginning to bloom. Summertime is filled with colorful flowers, herbs, and other ornamental plants.

Pieris Japonica White Flowing Flowers

In fall the vibrant shapes of red, orange, and yellow appear on the trees. In winter there also can be color in your gardens. This Japonica comes alive in late autumn and the blooms appear anywhere from November through the entire winter season. Not only is this plant specimen native to Japan, it is seen widely throughout eastern China as well as Taiwan. It can survive in zones four and will live up to zone nine.

This plant can grow from three to twelve feet tall and four to six feet wide. In northern climates it can take full sun. In warmer zones, partial shade is best. It should be kept in well drained soil and watering can be done on a regular schedule.

The plant is also called Andromedia. The highlight of this plant is the unique structure of the flowers. Pink or white strains of tiny flowers naturally flow freely throughout the plant. It is a fantastic showcase around some solid color evergreens.

Mountain Fire Pieris Japonica
Mass Of White

Herbee loves putting Blue Owl Junipers near the Japonica as well as Globe Arborvitaes. If you need a back drop, go with something taller such as an Emerald Green Arborvitae or Leyland Cypress. The three combination plants create a wonderful color and texture garden.

This Japonica fits just about in any garden setting and is a great addition to any outdoor feature. Other plants to think about putting with this plant is the Camellia family. More information on the Camellia below. Great winter color for you. Some other features of this plant are the new growth that appears in the spring after the flowers have died out. A red tone develops and the plant takes on a whole new look.

In summer, the foliage takes on a deep green tone. There are different varieties such as a Mountain Fire. It is a low spreading evergreen ranging from two to six feet in height and loves rocky terrain and will fine in full sun.

This variety has soft pink flowers and is a show case in an area with natural rocks or a specific bed done with decorative stones. Variegata has white flowers and can reach ten feet tall. The picture on the left shows you a mass of Pieris Japonica.The Pieris is popular in many Zen gardens. Read more about the Zen style below.

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