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Perennial And Annual Herbs

There are hundreds of perennial and annual herbs you can grow today. This is a basic guideline to follow, but your geographic location will play a role in which herbs will grow best in your area.

One of the most important steps to take in planning to grow herbs, is to research and know what herbs will grow and do well in your climate zone. Warmer climates will have a longer growing season, but colder regions can also grow a wide variety of herbs.

I have had a lot of questions on what herbs to grow in a garden setting, as compared to starting the germination process indoors. Another option for many people is to purchase herb plants from nurseries or garden centers.

Below is a list of mostly perennial and a few annual herbs. This basic information that can help you in planning your herbs for this year.

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Slender Yaarrow Leaves

Life Cycle, A - Annual, HA - Hardy Annual, P - Perennial, HP - Hardy Perennial

Height, Seeds Or Other Methods, Special Needs

  • Anise - A - 24 inches - Sow inside or directly into ground after last frost in spring. Loves full sun - culinary, medicinal, cosmetics.

  • Bergamot - P - 36inches - root divisions - part shade - tea, potpourri, and cosmetics.

  • Catnip - P - 18 inches - Root divisions - can be sown in ground but will spread. Purple flowers, good for control of ants and insects and of course cats love it!

  • Chervil - Anthriscus cerefolium - HA - 24 inches - sow outside in fall - shade - used in many culinary dishes.

  • Fenugreek - A - 18 inches - sow directly into ground - needs rich soil and will do well in sun to part shade - sugar substitute and has a maple flavoring.

  • Horehound - P - 18 inches - sow indoors, or it self sows outdoors, and root divisions. Full sun and dry soil. Garden borders, floral arrangements, and used in candy.

  • Lady's Mantle - P - 12 inches - self sow outdoors and root division - sun or shade - medicinal and cosmetics.

  • Lovage - P - 6 inches - sow indoors or outside directly into ground - sun to part shade - celery flavor and a great salt substitute.
  • Pennyroyal - P - 12 or more inches - sow inside - moist soil and can take part shade - potpourri, insect repellent and cosmetics.

  • Saffron - P - 8 inches - plant bulbs in fall - needs rich soil and loves part shade - coloring and flavoring food and great in homemade bread or on rice. Much sought after herb and can be expensive.

  • French Sorrel - P - 18 inches - sow outside and will self sow, but re-sow every three years. This perennial herb is wonderful in many different culinary dishes.

  • Sweet Woodruff - Gallium odoratum - P - 10 inches - root divisions and stem cuttings - needs shade and moist soil - great ground cover, culinary and potpourri.

  • Tansy - P - 3 feet - root division or seed - full sun - can be toxic if ingested by humans or cattle. Flowers are great in arrangements and oils used in dyes.

  • Winter Savory - Satureja montana - P - 12 inches - sow inside and do layering - can propagate more easily from root divisions or cutting - full sun and wonderful in a variety of culinary dishes.

  • Yarrow - P - 24 inches - root divisions and sow directly into ground in spring and fall - full sun - wreaths, arrangements and cosmetics.

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This variety of perennial and annual herbs is just a fraction of what is available today. Make sure you research the herbs you want to germinate or grow directly into the ground. Know if they are perennial or annual in your region. I hope this has helped you with a little information on different herbs and some of their basic requirements.

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