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Outdoor Landscape Lights - Brighten Up Your Garden

Outdoor landscape lights don't have to be just around the holidays. Today, you have a choice of a variety to chose. From outside ceiling fans, chandeliers, decorative - theme based, and of course party lights. This outside feature creates an atmosphere of fun, romance, security, and relaxation. Herbee wanted to share with you some simple steps and ideas.

Solar lights have become a very popular outdoor accessory. This style has come a long way over the years. Commercial companies use the idea of outdoor lights to provide safety and security for their employees. Today, many residential homeowners want to provide their families with the same protection.

You can match your solar or other outdoor landscape lights lights with the color of your siding, deck, patio or any other outdoor feature. Is there a particular landscape garden you would like to use as a focal point? Are there a couple of your favorite trees or shrubs that you want to stand out on your property? Is there a walkway or pathway that is dark and dreary?

Solar lights are even used today in shaded areas. Some climates have a lack of sun in the winter months, and the new style of solar lights provide you with hours of enjoyment and safety. This style of lighting requires less installation and will give you light any time of year.

Wire based can be installed by you, or you can hire a professional. Many companies that specialize in outdoor landscape lights provide free consultations. They will come out in the evening so you can see their product in action. When you think of wire lights, options are low voltage ground lights, ceiling fans, chandelier, and of course holiday lights.

Equipment Needed

  1. Drill
  2. Screw driver, wire cutters and wire strippers
  3. Anchors if you're mounting on masonry
  4. Shovel and rake

Herbee Loves To Help You

It's not hard to install wire based outdoor landscape lights yourself. The process is very easy and can be done in a few hours.

Plan out your system. How many lights? Where will you get power? A very important tip when planning the landscape project is to have an outdoor outlet. If you don't have one and have never installed one, Herbee recommends hiring an electrician. A temporary fix can be an extension cord, but this should not be used long term.

Measure out the length of the area. It's probably not a straight line. Most likely, you'll have a transformer, which will be next to your power outlet. Start at the transformer and calculate the distance to the first light, and then the distance from the first light to the second, and so on. Add it all up.

Clear a path for your wire. I usually bury it about one inch. Some systems require a more significant trench. Just make sure the wire isn't exposed so when you walk through or mulch, you won't snag it.

Run your wire. At each light location, leave a little extra wire so you have wiggle room to adjust the exact location.

Some lights are attached to your wire with a special connector that penetrates the sheathing into the conductors. Others require that you cut the main cable, strip it, and make the connection. This will require even more extra wire at each light.

Install the transformer and lights. The transformer is for low voltage systems. If there's no transformer, you'll be using the power at the same voltage as the rest of your house. If you have this type of system, make sure you know the electric codes and requirements for your area.

After testing the system, if all lights work, cover the wire. You're done! Herbee recommends that you buy a packaged system. They come with step by step instructions.

Spotlight On House

Spotlight On House

Spotlight On Fountain

Spotlight On Fountain

The first photo is of two spotlights in a raised garden bed, pointing to the front of the house. This is where the homeowners wanted the focal point.

Take a look at two different spotlights. They would be great for any garden or landscape area. The spotlights are great for attracting people to a specific feature or garden.

The picture to the right is of a specific outdoor feature, a fountain. The fountain is the focal point of this landscape garden. Using any outdoor feature, add some outdoor landscape lights and it will enhance any landscape area.

There are decorative tea lights that can be used an informal, formal, or any style landscape area. Regular candles can also be seen glowing on a deck, patio or walkway.

When we do lighting in a design, Herbee and I suggest putting stands of lights on decks or porches. This ads a great curb side appeal as well as a cozy area for you and your family to relax in the evening.

Herbee's Hot Buzzing Lights

Herbee and I hope this article has given you some very simple ideas for different ideas for using solar lights, wire base or tea lights. If you have any questions or commits, feel free to contact us, and look forward to hearing from you.

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