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lemon thread cypress green on the inside brown on the outside

Help, I purchased a beautiful lime green lemon thread at Christmas and now it's still green, just barely, on the inside but branches are turning brown. What does it need, or is it too late? I'm in the Northwest and temps have been moderate but we did have a cold snap but my little tree was protected....

Thanks for any suggestions!

Hi, Kimberly here from landscape solutions for you. Thank you for asking the question on your Lemon Thread Cypress tree.

It sounds like the tree could be going through a shock period. Some trees will go through a shock period, this can be normal.

I would recommend to take a small sharp knife and scratch the surface of a branch. If the branch is green, the Lemon Thread is still alive. If the branch is brown, it may well be in shock.

If the Lemon Thread Cypress is in shock there are a couple of check list things you can do.

1. Was the soil prepared properly?
2. Was the root system planted to deep?
3. Watering - over watering or not enough water?
4. Mulch up against base of three?

If the above was all correct, I would loosen the dirt and add some organic mushroom compost to the soil. This is an organic fertilizer that will last up to one year. Water but don't over water.

I would give the Lemon Thread a few weeks and see if the tree begins to return to its right color. At this time of year there usually isn't any insects or fungus on trees if you are in a cooler climate.

Of course there is always a chance the roots never took properly during planting. I am not sure where in the northwest you are located. If your ground is cold, wait for the warmer temperatures and see if there is any improvement. Also check and see if the tree is under warranty.

Thanks again for asking the question and the best of luck to you with your Lemon Thread Cypress. Keep us updated on status of the tree. Have a great afternoon and evening.

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Feb 16, 2017
Identify evergreen
by: Kimberly

From Gardening With Herbee.
Hi Tony,
From your description it sounds like your evergreen is either a arborvitae or cypress. With it turning to an emerald color in summer, we have a feeling it is some form of Arborvitae.

This is not uncommon for some conifers to turn brown from colder temperatures. They usually bounce back when the ground and air temperatures warm up.

Here are some varieties of Arborvitaes for you to look at, http://www.gardeningwithherbee.com/Arborvitae.html

Hope this helps.
Kimberly and Herbee

Feb 15, 2017
Colur changing conifer
by: Tony Wakeling

Can anyone identify this conifer. 3-4ft. high rounded form. Ever winter needles turn brown/bronze but do NOT fall. Turn back to brilliant emerald in summer. Will do so in winter if used indoors for decoration.

Aug 04, 2016
brittle needles lemon cypress
by: Anonymous

I just bought my lemon cypress at a store and it fits great in my kitchen that gets a good time of sun. The question I have is the needles were very soft and smells like lemon and now the needles are brittle and very painful when touched. What ca I do to keep the little tree alive. HELP Donna

May 17, 2016
dying lemon cypress
by: Anonymous

My indoor lemon cypress plant is turning brown. Is it dying? What should I do?


How long have you had the plant in a pot? Do you know which variety of the Cypress family it is?

First check and see if the plant is in shock or have a disease. Scratch the surface of a branch. If it is green, it is still alive. If it is brown there are couple of things that may be going on.

As mentioned above, the Cypress may be in shock or have a possible fungus or disease. Have you changed the soil in the pot lately.

Many Cypress varieties do better planted outside. Share a little more information and we can offer some more details to help you. Thanks and have a great Wednesday.
Kimberly and Herbee

Apr 23, 2012
browning lemon cypress
by: Ian @ NW Ga

Having a similar result from lemon thread cypress. Would they brown if they had too much or too little water ? I've seen Leyland Cypress brown when over watered. I've always been unsure about yellow plants.

Hi, Kimberly here from landscape solutions for you. Thanks for commenting on your Lemon Thread Cypress. Sometimes during the winter months, the Cypress family will turn brown in the middle or on top. This could be caused by cold weather or as you said, too much watering or too little.

With any plant family, the trick of healthy plants is to get on a consistent water schedule. Sometimes you have to play around with your own environment, but if the shrubs are planted properly, once the proper watering schedule is enforced, you should have healthy plants.

I would recommend the scratch test on a branch to see if the shrub is healthy. You can loosen the soil around the plant and add some organic mushroom compost. This is an organic fertilizer that will last up to one year. The mushroom compost should get your Lemon Thread back on track. The variegated species haven't been known to have a greater problem. Thanks again and hope this helps. Have a great day!

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