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Lemon Balm - A Great Aroma Herb In The Mint Family

Lemon Balm is on of the oldest aroma herbs. This plant dates back to the Orient and Europe. The precious smell and oils from this herb were used in Spain and Germany. Today this member of the mint family is grown throughout the world. In the United States it grows well in zones four through nine and especially in the western states.

Full And Close Up Of Plant

Full Lemon Balm Plant
Close Up Lemon Balm

Herbee has grown this herb in a greenhouse and also sown it directly into the ground. It is slow to germinate but will do well once established. You can also grow from root cuttings or division.

Most herbs will do well in a sandy soil, including Lemon Balm. It does best in full sun but can tolerate shade.

He experimented by planting some seeds a few years ago under a well establish Sweetgum tree. He wasn't sure how it would do as the roots from the tree were above ground.

Lemon Balm will mature to two to three feet high and around ten to eighteen inches wide. It can also be considered a ground cover and many people use this herb for that purpose.

As you can see the leaves are deep green in color and rubbing your fingers across the leaves reveal a wonderful aroma. Also notice the deep veins in each leaf. White or yellow flowers appear in the summer time, mainly in the month of July. They are small and really don't make a statement in a garden.

Herbee trimmed back the leggy stems and as you can see, it is full and lush. An option is to have this plant to enjoy inside over the winter months.

If you are in a frost prone area, the top leaves will die out. The plant will renew itself in the spring from the roots.

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The Lemon Balm is a great addition to your gardens. Herbee highly recommends this plant if it grows well in your geographic location. Plant today, and smell the aroma tomorrow!

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