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Landscaping With Rocks And Stone

Many people favor landscaping with rocks, and finishing the landscaping with stone. This type of project can be placed just about anywhere on your property. Herbee and I have done this on slopes, around swimming pools, and also in a small landscape bed in the middle of a backyard. We don't recommend a steep incline for this project.

Of course, Herbee likes to incorporate plants into these areas (so he can pollenate). You can create this garden by using a variety of different plant specimens. Some people make it a theme based garden using only one or two colors and a few different plants.

Let's make this an easy project and walk through the the steps. As usual, the most important step is to plan it out. Think about the type of landscape beds you want to create. Is there room for any other outdoor features to incorporate into this project? Be sure to research the different types of decorative stones that are available in your area.

Basic Preparation

  • When landscaping with rocks, the first step is to remove any grass, weeds, or other debris in the area. Start by applying a grass and weed killer.

  • Wait a week before removing all the dead grass and weeds. Rake out the entire area. If you are on a bank or slope, try and get the surface as smooth as you can. Remember, don't try this on a steep slope.

  • An important material to use is landscape fabric. You can purchase heavy duty plastic or use the actual fabric base. We feel the landscape fabric works well in preventing weeds, while letting water seep through. Along with your landscape fabric you will need landscape stakes. You can purchase them at any big chain store, local nursery, or garden center. The stakes usually come ten to twelve in a package and are inexpensive. The stakes secure the fabric in place.

Now that the ground is prepared, it's time to start planting your shrubs or flowers. Below are just a few different plants and shrubs we have used in different rock gardens and when landscaping with rocks.

Hameln Grass

Hameln ornamental grass is a small perennial and a member of the Pennisetum Family. It grows two and a half feet high and two and a half feet wide. The foxtail like flowers or plumes appear in the summer months.

The Hameln loves full sun and is easy to maintain. Great grass for decorating a border or in group planting of three to five. The Hameln grows well in zones six through nine.

There are many different ornamental grass to choose from today. One of our favorites we love to design with, and also incorporate in our own gardens is the Peppermint Giant Reed. It's a slender plant that can create a great accent in and around evergreens.

This plant, whether you are using it for a regular landscape or a rock garden, makes a great backdrop or even a focal point surrounded by smaller evergreen shrubs. I recommend the Peppermint grass in any landscape. Feel free to check out the other varieties of Ornamental Grass that are also my favorites.

Variegated Liriope Grass

Variegated Liriope

The variegated Liriope is another ornamental grass. It's very popular as a border plant.

Variegated Liriope is very hardy and grows well in zones four through ten. You can divide the Liriope if it gets too thick. Notice the beautiful purple flowers that appear in the summertime. It's a great plant for landscaping with rocks.

Dwarf Hinoki Cypress

Dwarf Hinoki Cypress

The Dwarf Hinoki is a small member of the Cypress family. This shrub will grow three to four feet high, and two to three feet wide. The branches are shaped in a pyramid form. The color is a solid green and grows great in zones four through eight.

There's a variegated version, too. With their texture and color, either one of these shrubs act as a nice accent plant.

Blue Rug Juniper

Rug Juniper

The Blue Rug Juniper is a great colder climate evergreen ground cover. It will do well in zones three through eight, can take full sun to part shade, is fast growing and very hardy.

The Blue Rug grows four to six inches high and will spread out six to eight feet. This Juniper is great for a sloped rock garden.



Variegated leaves with green and silver tones is what makes the Lamium so attractive. This plant grows ten inches tall and likes partial shade. The vibrant colorful blooms have rich purple tones. It grows well in any garden and likes zones three through seven.



The Dianthus has a variety of colors. It ranges from eighteen to twenty four inches tall and loves full sun. Flowers will bloom the first year. Zones will vary, however, most Dianthus will do well in zones three through eight. This is a great perennial flower to intertwine throughout the garden.

Variety Of Different Sizes
Larger Stones

To Herbee and I, rocks are very appealing in any landscaped area. Add a series of three bigger rocks in a couple of locations in the garden. Other features such as bird baths, feeders, ornaments, statues or fountains will add your own personal touch to the bed. Put the garden around the outside of a pond or pool.

Herbee Greenthumb

There are other decorating ideas in the outdoor features section (see link below). Invest today and enjoy for years to come. Landscaping with rocks and stones isn't difficult, and can truly add a different flare to your home property. An added benefit: it will cut out some of your time mowing the lawn.

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