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Landscaping New Home

You are building your new dream home and the construction phase is about done. It is time to landscape. Suddenly you realize, there isn't much money left in the budget. You have upgraded your counter tops and spent way more then you anticipated on your hard wood floors. So many new construction homeowners find themselves in this position. Most building contractors have a separate allowance for landscaping. Many builders hire their own landscapers.

Empty Lot Ready For Construction To Begin

Empty Lot For New Home

The standard planting for a new home, is usually a couple of ornamental, deciduous trees in the front yard, and some shrubs across the front of the house. Sometimes you will have the option to also plan for shrubs around the sides of your home and a few trees in the backyard.

Herbee has been in charge of new construction landscape jobs and have seen the headaches that many of you go through with building and staying within a budget.

It is time to learn some of the secrets of gaining knowledge about what you as a homeowner can do. Start your life in your new home with a good foundation of trees and shrubs. Here are a couple of tips before you start your new construction project.

Tips From Herbee Before You Start Your Construction

  1. The single most important item, be involved from the very start!

  2. Find out if your builder will be providing landscape services. If he or she does, do you have option in choosing what trees or shrubs are planted?

  3. Do you have the choice of hiring your own landscaper, or possibly doing the work yourself?

  4. Whether you use your builders landscape service or hire some one, communicate with your builder and landscaper before your plants are installed. It is very important you know your landscaper. Remember, you have a right as a home owner to know what is going to be planted in your yard. Get a list of the plants they are plan to install. This is your outside investment of your new construction.

  5. Can you substitute a deciduous shrub or tree for an evergreen for the same price?

  6. At the end of the building phase, most people are exhausted and very anxious to move in. It is important to have some knowledge of each shrub and tree being planted. Most people by the time the landscaping phase arrives, are very anxious just to move in. Take the time now to investigate, and in the long haul, it could save you time and money. Clients have called six months to a year after they move into their new home, not happy with the plant selection, and want different shrubs or trees.

  7. Consider, especially if you are on a tight budget, doing phase planting. Just plant your base trees and shrubs for now.

Be involved in every step of the decision making process in your yard. There are many different landscaping plans for new houses. Whether your builder has a a landscaper, or you are hiring one, or doing it yourself, read some tips on the importance of proper planning and preparation for the outside of your new home.

Rounding Out Your Overall Intinerary For Your Gardens

Before you start a new construction on the land, take a look at the shape of your yard. Do you have slopes, or dips? Is there a concern of water laying or flowing towards the foundation? Talk with your builder about proper leveling of the land, along with the option of using solid or corrugated piping if necessary. Your builder should address this problem before hand, but it is a good thing for you to keep in mind.

Do you plan on using sod or seed for your lawn? If there are any existing trees, a special type of sod or seed may be needed. Geographic locations play a role in what type of grass you install. Seed is less expensive, but does require more water to get established. Also, keep in mind what time of the year you are building. Don't seed or sod in the hot summer months. Fall and spring are the ideal times.

Prepping The Area

What watering method do you plan on using? Options are irrigation systems, drip hoses or sprinklers. Consider what you will be watering. Possible lawn, trees, shrubs, and maybe flowers. If you live in a drought area, which from time to time, I think we all do, plan out your watering needs.

Know which direction your house is facing, North - South - East- or West. This is very important if you have trees planted in the front yard. If it is a sunny location, make sure all trees and shrubs being planted there, can tolerate sun.

This is also important for any other area you are having plants put in. Where does the afternoon sun hit? Are the trees and shrubs you are having planted appropriate for that particular location? Always plant shrubs at least two feet out from the foundation. The average landscaper will plant a one or three gallon container. Think about how big the shrub will become in three to five years. A shrub will not grow properly if planted to close to your house.

Small trees are fine planted along the front of a house, as long as they are planted far enough away so their roots don't grow underneath the foundation. Know the future size and width of a tree being planted before it is installed. Find out if there is a need to bring in top soil or fill dirt. The dirt is used to level the bed areas being planted. The prep part of a bed of a new construction is more critical then an existing bed. The ground has not been turned and worked, so it is very important, the soil is properly prepared. A must is a soil conditioner or mushroom compost in and around each plant, especially in new landscaped beds. Even if you have the richest soil in your country, it is a good idea to add at least one of these plant materials.

Take these steps to ensure you are going to be totally satisfied with your investment on the outside as well as in your interior of your new construction. Whether you are phase planting or doing a full landscape area around your property, plan this segment correctly, and make your home a welcome sight every day.

Herbeee Sends More Landscape Insights Your Way.

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