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Landscape Articles

Landscape articles is a section that Herbee likes to think of as an area having a variety of different garden ideas. He put this together with the goal of getting your creative juices flowing. Have you thought about a ladder garden near a raised bed? Do you know what plants do well in the southern part of the United States?

The neat aspect of gardening today, is that many of the plants that grow here in the US, do well in Europe, Asia, and many parts of the world. Caribbean countries obviously have tropical plants, but many of those tropical plants will grow in the warmer states in the US. Below are just a few articles Herbee thought you might enjoy reading.

You can plant shrubs and flowers along a berm. These options provide a nice solution for an area like this.

Here's a neat idea, a ladder garden. Prepare your soil, and plant some flowers and herbs in open spaces. The Sedum is a great fall flower.

Finalize your outside projects with mulch, pine straw, or decorative stone. This is one of the final steps after you plant.

A decorative water feature is a wonderful home for floating and marginal plants. These plants need care also.

Do you have shaded areas, or maybe thin soil, where you just can't get anything to grow?

Floating and Marginal Plants is one of Herbee's favorite pages. He loves to hang out around pond plants. Where there's water, there are lots of blossoms, and lots of work to be done. This type of garden is quite popular in the southern United States. Many of you can grow these specimens in your own gardens and landscapes.

Herbee would love to take credit for the pictures on this page and in this site, but he can't. His trustworthy photographer, Tommy Terrific takes all of these photos you see on this site. Hope you enjoy these samples.

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