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Lambs Ear Plant Can Be Invasive

Lambs Ear is a gorgeous plant specimen. It is also an herb. The specie was once considered to have medicinal value, but today is used primary as an ornamental plant.

It grows well in zones four through nine in the United States. It is a native plant to South Asia. The plant is a hardy popular plant in the northeastern part of the United States. It will grow in full sun, but can take partial shade.

Lambs Ear

On Decorative Wall

Lambs Ear On Decorative Wall

Planted Next To Jasmine

Planted Next To Jasmine

The highlight of this plant is its tall and woolly, silver tone foliage. The stalks can reach twelve to eighteen inches tall. They are slender and are encompassed with tiny delicate purple to lavender tone flowers.

Their height can reach twelve to eighteen inches tall. The flowers appear in late spring and throughout the summer months.

We have done different experiments with the Lambs Ear. It is truly invasive and can take over a garden. Herbee planted this specie in a confined bed and over the following two years it migrated to four different surrounding gardens.

This plant can be put in a landscape area but if you want it contained to a certain area, keep it under control. A container garden is a great option for keeping the specie in one place.

Take a couple of containers and place them out into a garden with some evergreen shrubs as a backdrop. A solid color green shrub such as an Arborvitae looks stunning next to this plant in containers. A couple of planters on a deck, patio, or porch is another idea.

Yet another option is to plant this herb species along decorative wall. Putting this plant along a decorative wall can give you a mass planting appearance. There is Jasmine planted right next to it in the photo above.

The flowers from the Lambs Ear can be cut for a decorative vase or dried arrangement. Some people like to remove the flower to show off the rich tone foliage.

Silver Tone Leaves

Silver Tone Leaves On Lambs Ear

Herbee's Relative On Flower

Bee On Flower

Butterflies are attracted to the flowers as well as bees. This herb can create a wonderful and refreshing look in a variety of different climates. The plant is considered a member of the Mint family.

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Lamb's Ear is a great plant around outdoor features, such as a decorative wall and bird accessories.

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