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Ladder Garden Herbs, Shrubs, and Flowers

A ladder garden is a great way to plant a few varieties of herbs, flowers, shrubs or a little of each. This is a neat idea also for a beginner gardener, or someone that has a small space. It makes a great family activity or school project

The first step like any other garden project, is to plan out the materials needed. A wooden ladder will work great in many different locations. You will need top soil, shovel, and rake. Herbee recommends some organic mushroom compost to mix with your top soil. Decide on your location for the confined garden. Many people like to put it in an easy-to-access area, especially if they are doing herbs.

Consider some basic culinary herbs. They are easy to grow, and will also work well in this confined space. You can germinate herbs from seeds, or purchase plants at your local nursery or garden center.

Once you have decided where and what you want to plant in the of garden, the next step is to prepare the soil. Make sure, if you can, to level the ground as much as possible, unless you're putting your ladder garden on a slope. Put down a mixture of top soil and mushroom compost.

Go ahead and put your ladder down and you are ready to plant. If you are germinating from seed, sprinkle just a few seeds in each square. Three to five seeds will work for most specimens, so if one or two don't germinate properly you will have some back ups. Three purchased plants per square will work to make each square full.

There are different options for this type of garden. Another idea is to take different varieties of flowers. You can also consider doing an annual flower garden. One advantage of an annual garden is the option to have different flowers every year. The advantage of a perennial garden is in the savings of buying plants each year.

Herbee's Hot Buzzing Choice Of Herb Seeds

Our Garden Store has a variety of herb seeds for you to use year around.

This set of 12 different herbs will get you started enjoying not only their color and texture, but you'll anticipate creating a great taste in your culinary dishes.

An agriculture teacher loves these herbs in the customer review section. They're a great value and easy growing seeds.

Notice the photo above, a natural look with stairs. You have options of doing this project and keeping the nature look. You can also think about lining the ladder stairs with perennial flowers. Dwarf evergreen shrubs gives a unique appearance.

Here are a few photos of some flowers to help kick your creative side into gear.

Gerber Daisy, Mums, Carnations, Sedum

Gerber Daisy Mums Carnation Sedum

Another option you have is to plant some dwarf evergreen shrubs in each square. You will have color year around. You can also play with using different color tones to spice up the this type outside area.

Herbee Loves To Shop At Cooks Garden

Cook's Garden

A ladder garden is a nice easy landscape project that is also inexpensive. You can take an old ladder or purchase a new one. The result is a wonderful confined area to enjoy throughout the growing season or year around.

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