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Is it hopeless?

by Donna
(Fort Mill, SC)

Last Fall my yard guy planted a beautiful red maple in our backyard. Unfortunately he planted it too deep, and with the amount of rain we had this Spring, it started dying, all the leaves turning brown, and some falling off.

However, for the last month it has kept about half of the leaves, though they are brown and dried up, and the branches are still flexible and green.

I have heard that trees can go into a permanent shock from which they never recover. They don't outright die, but they don't ever behave normally again. They just exist in something of a permanent state of dormancy.

The tree was replanted and raised up about six weeks ago, and is no longer sitting in water.

Is there any hope for this tree, or should we just take it out and start over?


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Jul 25, 2017

by: Kimberly

Sorry for the delay in writing. Most likely the tree isn't going to survive. We have had clients over the years where they planted Maple and other trees too deep. The roots rot out.

If there is green still on the branches or bark, you may consider to experiment and keep it in the ground, to see if it can revitalize itself. Best of luck.
Herbee and Kimberly

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