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Informal Garden

An Informal Garden come in a variety of sizes and styles. You can create your own paradise. The casual look is becoming more popular today. I believe an informal garden represents your own personality. One of the goals in relaxed landscape, is to to create beds that have their own identity.

Obviously, you don't want to get too crazy and put 40 different shrubs in one bed. Blending colors and shapes in different patterns will create a unique look. Think about any existing beds you may have at your home. Take a peek at just one of them and see what type of pattern is in the bed. Your entire landscape can have all beds with a causal feel, or you can combine the formal appearance and the informal look from bed to bed. In the formal garden page we talked about rows.

The nice thing about having a relaxed feel, you can explore ways to combine different features and plants in a non-regimental look. You have the freedom to build an area that will bring out your families own qualities. Let your children become involved in a project. I designed the base plan for this informal garden. We put in the base trees and shrubs and my clients over the next two years, added their own personality and feel to their yard.

Snake Pattern Relaxed Landscape Bed

Informal garden winding through backyard

Now let's get down to the some options for you to do with an informal garden. Imagine a casual garden similar to going on vacation. (don't laugh) Get into your rest and relaxation mode. Here are a few suggestions.

Start with trees. Put an upright tree, a Spruce, Hemlock or Emerald Green Arborvitae next to a variegated shrub such as a False Cypress, Ligustrum or a Golden Euonymus. You are combining a solid light or dark green color tree with a yellow and green two tone shrub.

Are you not sure of what colors blend well together? Most plants have green in their leaves and that is your base color.

If you love the color yellow, incorporate the dominant green with an accent of yellow. Pick a third color for a final accent such as orange, purple or red. Create different ways you can incorporate outdoor features. Instead of a formal bench, put a couple of different chairs in the middle of the bed.

Add in a small outdoor table for a place to put your ice tea in the summer or a hot toddy in the winter. (well, maybe not in two feet of snow)

Think about putting in a series of natural rocks throughout the bed. Put your favorite cement figurine on top of the a rock or two.

Flowers play an important role in bringing a bed to life with color. Add a combination of perennials to and around your shrubs and trees.

Put a couple of decorative pots in the bed with annuals in them.

Maybe add an attractive fountain or decorative pond. Informal gardens are similar to free play for children.

You can develop one or 7 beds in any shape you want. Make a square bed of ornamental deciduous trees and evergreen trees. Create a kidney shape bed with a variety of evergreen shrubs and flowers. Make a bed just for the children.

Figurines Informal Garden

An idea is to let them pick out a couple of shrubs. Add their choice of flowers to put in a decorative planter. Let them place the shrubs and planter in their favorite shape bed.

If you have more then one child, create several different little beds. Each child will have their own identity. Your main goal in creating any type of casual look, is to let your creative juices flow.

Begin with a simplistic idea on each garden. Put your own feel to each bed. Remember, take your colors and textures you love and go ahead and plan your informal garden. Don't be afraid to play around with some of these thoughts.

Herbee Greenthumb

Herbee is here to give you a couple of little tips. Scout out your entire bed. Think of what accessories you enjoy. Is it watching birds flock to the feeder, or birds taking a bath during the hot summer sun?

Do you want to incorporate some containers within your ground garden? Do some whimiscal effects. Create a small square your circular bed. Add some perennial flowers, mingling with a couple of dwarf shrubs. Put a windchime on a little pole in the bed. Even add a few decorative rocks. A decorative stone with your name on it, creates a great look.

The most important aspect of any landscape project, "have fun!"

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