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An Indoor Plant Activity For The Winter

An indoor plant activity is a wonderful way to get rid of some of those harsh and dreary cold days during the winter months. This project can be done at school, in a non-profit club, or as a family activity. It can also make a great holiday gift as well.

The pictures below are of a home activity, but Herbee would like to give teachers and students some suggestions for doing a school project or making a holiday gift. Plan to make this a theme based activity. It can be geared toward the winter months, generic holiday season, or a specific area of science or art.

Indoor Plant Activity

Overview Of Indoor Plant Activity

7 Container Plants

Seven Plants

Decorative Rocks

Decorative Rocks

Class Or Home School Setting - Indoor Plant Activity Group Project

In a class setting this could be done as a group project. You can scale this down to an individual assignment and do one plant per student. Create a special area where students can bring a plant in or grow their own plants from seeds.

You can scale down the size of each plant to a plug size or a small pot for each student. Think about different ways you can incorporate plants, outdoor features such as small rocks, and branches of live evergreens in a lesson plan.

Even in harsh climates, you can use live branches. The pine branches and pine cones can add a nice touch. Teaching children about putting together live plants with other natural outdoor features is a great way to get youth involved in the environment. Besides adding pine branches Herbee and I placed some outdoor small rocks around.

If you are doing this as a family project, there many ways you can set up your area indoors. Usually the best area is near a window. If this is not feasible, you can still have an inside plant area, however, your selection will contain more shade plants.

Our winter accent area will vary from year to year. We will arrange my inside plants with plants that we have had outside all spring, summer, and fall. Ornamental pepper plants and other perennials are great to dig up from the garden and bring inside for the colder months.

Many of the ornamental pepper plants are considered annuals. We will put them outside during the warmer months and bring them in over the winter and they now become perennials. The Salvia didn't do well outdoors. Herbee took it out of the ground in fall as it was had been struggling all summer with no growth at all. There are two in a pot now and starting to revitalize.

This little winter delight can be any size, and anywhere from three, to five, to seven or more plants. You can use a single piece of furniture, multi-tier, or a few different small pieces. We used a glass end table.

Get a little creative and add your own personal touch to it. We like to add some natural outdoor features to this small area. The goal was to take seven of my plants and place them around in no set pattern.

Frog And Hummingbird

Frog And Hummingbird

Decorative Miniature Lights

Accent Indoor Project With Lights

Two of these plants are cactus that are inside year around. Herbee and I grew these from seeds. Cactus has a very slow germination process, and the two are about eight years old. The other five plants were in different gardens and we potted them in the fall.

There is Lemon Balm on the front right, cut back parsley on the front left, cayenne pepper on the back right, and one of the Salvia in the back middle. The other one is an ornamental purple pepper plant on the left back, which was planted from seed.

The small decorative frog adds the outdoor feel as well as the tiny hummingbird. The final step was to add some small decorative white lights to accent different features.

You can use any type of plants, features, and accents for a fun and learning indoor activity. This is a great project to educate any age and will add a nice and warm indoor touch throughout the cold winter months.

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