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How To Plan A Garden - PPP Method

When you're decorating a room inside your home, you think ahead and coordinate the colors of floors, walls, furniture, and accessories. You plan ahead! Landscape projects are much the same. How to plan a garden involves three very important steps:

  1. Plan
  2. Prep - Properly
  3. Plant - Good Placement Of Trees, Shrubs, Flowers, and Herbs

Planning Phase

Start by taking a picture of the area you want to landscape. Think of the colors of the outside of your house. Write down some of these different colors and some of your ideas for shrubs, trees, flowers, or any outdoor features that could accent the colors and tones.

Walk around and notice the colors of some of the exterior features such as shutters, siding, brick, stone, or paint colors. These outdoor features must work to create a balance with your overall landscape and gardens. Color and textures are an important part of your overall landscape look.

Maybe you are re-doing a single bed. What colors surround the bed? Consider doing a walkway, decorative pond, or dry rock bed. The next step is to work within your budget. In our society today everyone is budget conscious. Look at the entire project and this will help you determine what you can afford. Below are some possible expenses you may have.

  1. Design - It can be simple and creative. Your design does not have to be elaborate.
  2. Trees, shrubs, and flowers.
  3. Hard-scape features.
  4. Prep work - hiring a landscaper or doing it yourself.
  5. Planting materials - top soil, mushroom compost, fertilizers, pine straw, or mulch.

Does it sound like a lot of work? Herbee and I have been on hundreds of landscape and design consultations. Above are suggestions we gave to people. It doesn't matter how large your landscape project is, GOOD PLANNING RESULTS IN A GREAT LOOK!

Herbee Greenthumb
Herbee Greenthumb Here

Herbee will explore the basics of showing you different ways to create your gardens.

Picture is a full circle of flowers. This can be done in a small or large space. Great idea for tiny areas.

It is vitally important you know your landscaper. Make sure he or she has your best interest.

Herbee shares his tips and insights on what you need to know when building a home. Awareness is a key to your enjoyment of your new investment.

Here are some tips on different options you have for sprucing up your yard. Sell your home with pride.

Herbee has collected basic garden terms for you to see. These are used everyday by professional landscapers.

It does not matter how large or small your landscape project. Having an overall plan will set you in motion for our second and most important step: PREPARATION!

Preparation Phase

Prepping The Area

What is preparation? Preparing your soil and area to ensure your plant material or landscape feature can be properly installed. Without proper preparation, your plant material may not grow, or your wall or walkway may not last.

There are so many different climates that have different soil ingredients. Here in the southeastern part of the United States our soil is clay based and high acid. A sandy based soil may require adding some good quality top soil. (Sandy soil is great for growing herbs.)

Herbee recommends getting your soil tested from a local government agency or college extension. This should be done especially when you are investing a lot of time and money. Whoever tests your soil should be able to give you advice for correcting any problems they find.

A tiller is a great tool to use to turn the soil over. This should be done several times, as working the soil will help all your plant specimens develop a strong and healthy root system. When prepping, you can use some basic tools such as tillers, shovels, and rakes.

If you are doing a big excavation, outside equipment may be required. Know your landscaper and ask questions on methods of preparation. You may have a problem area to address. Herbee has more information below on tips about hiring a landscaper. Here is a quick look at a few simple solutions.

  1. You have a slope, use jute - a commercial landscape fabric.
  2. No time to take care of plants - plant low maintenance trees and shrubs.
  3. Poor drainage - add corrugated piping or a drain box.
  4. Too many rocks in the area - use the bigger rocks in your design.
  5. Grass won't grow around trees - mound 4 to 6 inches of top soil and plant some flowers or small shrubs.

Does all this sound like backbreaking work? Remember, you can hire a landscaper. Some people want to do their own landscaping from start to finish.

Your time, your physical health, and help from Herbee will make your choices easier for you.

Prepare Your Spring, Fall, And Makeover Gardens

Important information for your spring garden. Get ready and prepare yourself for a wonderful growing season ahead.

Fall is a great time to prepare you gardens and lawn for the upcoming winter months. Check out Herbee's quick high five tips.

Take a look at two different makeover projects. One along a foundation, and the other a sidewalk.

Herbee has touched on the first two phases of the PPP method. Now comes the best part.


The planting phase is as critical as your plan and prep stages. Did you know that one of the biggest problems with plants dying is trees and shrubs placed too deep in a hole?

As you read through this part of the PPP method, you will be set in the right direction with different areas of your property. Herbee shares a few tips on trees, foundation planting, entrance way planting, and more. Pick out which one you are interested in doing today.

Learn how to plant a tree the right way, and give it the best chance of surviving this big change.

Here are some basic ideas and steps for planting around a tree.

Learn some simple tips on placing your plants properly.

It is so important in today's garden to properly space your vegetables. Get some high five advice from the expert.

Here are two simple options for doing your own landscaping in the neighborhood entranceway.

You have a lot of options of evergreen shrubs along your entire foundation area. If your space is limited, these plants could be just right for you.

Herbee Greenthumb's Believes

Herbee Greenthumb
Herbee has done gardening and landscaping for years. He can tell you right now:


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