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How To Install A Wood Fence

How to install a wood fence will give you some simple steps with this type of project. Are you tired of not having any privacy in your backyard? Maybe you have just put in a pool and your community or township requires a fence around the pool. Sick of taking the dog out on the leash? It is time for you to think about solving this outside problem.

Herbee's Simple Tools And Materials For How To Install A Wood Fence

Herbee Greenthumb
  1. Post hole digger or auger
  2. Regular level, stakes, string, and hammer
  3. Circular Saw, drill, power screw driver and screws
  4. Shovel and Rake
  5. Pressure treated wood panels, usually six or eight feet, and wooden posts. The prefab panels are the easiest to install.
  6. Two bags of cement for every three post holes.
  7. Option of decorative post tops

Herbee will be giving you the basics on a prefabricated solid panel or slotted wooden fence. You can also opt to install two-by-fours along with panel strips. One of the first things to think about is the overall size of the fence, both height and length. Are you looking at a complete privacy area and taking the fence around your entire yard? Here are two pictures of solid panel fencing.

Solid Panel And Tiered Panel Fence

Solid Panel Fence
Tiered Fence

Do you need just a fence along the back of your property? Whether you are doing just a single line or going for complete privacy, you will need wooden posts to support your panels. Here are steps for how to install a wood fence averaging 32 feet length on each side, and 24 feet across the back.

Steps For How To Install A Wood Fence

  1. Measure out the entire area. Take some string and stakes and mark off the distance. Hammer the stakes on all the corners and ends. Make sure the string is taunt so you can get an accurate measurement.

  2. Most local big chain stores or lumber yards carry the panels. There are different style such as a straight panel, scalloped, or rigged. Herbee will use an example of a eight foot panel, 6 feet tall. You will need a total of eleven panels. If your yard doesn't coincide with the exact measurements, usually the store can cut it down for you at a small fee. You could also cut it yourself. You will need three panels along the back, and four panels on each side.

  3. A post is needed on each corner and also where each panel connects. You will need a total of twelve posts for eleven prefabricated panels.

  4. Your first real big job is to dig the post holes. Take the post hole digger or auger and go down below your frost line. This of course will depend on your geographic location. In an area that doesn't have a frost line, do a minimum of two feet.

  5. Set your posts in the hole. Use the string to guide exact placement, getting them in a straight line. Use your level to make sure it is vertically straight. Either pour your cement in and add water, or premix the cement and pour the mixture into the hole around the post. There is quick drying cement available in stores today. I recommend letting the posts set for at least 24 hours.

  6. Start across the back side and install your three panels. Use decking screws to attach each panel to a post. There are different size decking screws so make sure you get the screws long enough to attach properly to the post.

    Always use a level when putting in each panel. Once you have the back done, continue installing each panel along the sides. This process is much easier if you have one or two other people helping you. Don't rush the process as you want to make sure each panel is straight and secured before you move on to the next one.

  7. Now you can put the optional decorative top on the posts, giving that finishing touch. More than likely, you'll need to cut the top of the posts first, so they're all the same height.

  8. Now you are ready to stain, paint or polyurethane the fence. This choice is up to you. Consider how the finishing color will look with any other outdoor features or your house tones such as shutters, bricks, stones, or siding.

Small Panel And Slope With Fence

Small Panel Fence
Small Slope With Fence

What about an area that has a small degree of slope or an incline? You can use paneling but there are a couple of things you can do. Take and measure the bottom of the panel and cut some of the bottom part off the panel to get an even to fit on the ground. This can be difficult and troublesome. You can also stair-step the panels.

If the steps for how to install a wood fence look too difficult on a slope, an alternative to a fence is Arborvitae trees. Big trees or wood fencing both are good landscape solutions for privacy.

Another alternate to using panels on a slope area, is to install a split rail fence, but that doesn't provide privacy by itself. Here are a couple more pictures of a split rail using two-by-fours, and a small board fence.

Split Rail And Small Board Fence

Post With Two By Four
Small Board Fence

There is also the option of using two-by-sixes or two-by-eights, but be careful with this type of construction, as the wood may warp after a few years due to the length of the board.

These are the simple steps of installing a basic wooden fence as a nice outdoor feature to your home. Take the time to research the different options in fence material. There are other options for fencing material.

A wooden fence also adds a natural look to your landscape area. There are many different stains or paint colors available today for you to blend in with your plant colors and other outdoor features. The wooden fence is just one option for you to think about if considering a nice privacy area for your yard.

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