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Hollyhock Flowers Stunning In A Landscape

The Hollyhock can create a stunning look in a landscape or garden setting. This flower specie is a member of the Mallow Family, and also called, Alcea rosea or Althaea. These species can range in size from two to nine feet tall.

The flowers are native to southwest to central Asia, especially in China. They are also native to many other countries throughout the world. There are between fifty and sixty species that make up this genus. This plant specimen will grow well in zones two through nine in the United States. Although most of the species are considered biennial, some are perennial in warmer climates. If sown indoors early the Hollyhock will bloom the first year. If the seeds are sown in late spring or summer, flowering won't appear until the following summer.

White Flower, Plantings Along Foundation, And Natural Setting

Stunning Hollyhock Flower And Stem
Hollyhocks Along Flowers Along The Foundation
Flowers In A Natural Setting

This group of species are easy to grow and thrive in full sun. They can take some partial shade and love well drained soil conditions. Herbee remembers as a child going to the Adirondack Mountains in upstate New York every summer. His grandmother's house was situated in the heart of the mountains on an old country road.

He use to spend a week every summer in August. He remembers the beauty of the Hollyhocks along the foundation of the old country home. This is a photo of a few years back of the same house, where his uncle Donald lived for years. He has passed away now and the memories of the beautiful flowers will always remain with Herbee.

Companion Plant - Ridbeckia With The Hollyhock

Close Up Of Hollyhock

Another plant that looks super with this plant are Hostas. You can read more about the Hosta below. Although Hostas tend to like shade, in cooler climates, the Hosta can take some sun.

The flowers of the Mallow family range in color from white, pink, red, yellow, maroon, and salmon tones. The stunning aspect of this species are the petals can be plain or frilled. They have single or double blooms. The blooms will last anywhere from three to five days. After bloom time, fruit appears and seeds come from the fruit.

The Powder Puff variety is wonderful along fences, foundations, great backgrounds and even as borders. The soft color tones and will compliment many evergreen shrubs such as Arborvitae, Cypress, Indian Hawthorn. The Loropetalum is a great focal point with the Powder Puff variety surround it. There are many outside features that will enhance the beauty of this specie. Find out more below. The plant leaves resemble a heart shape, and the flowers stand out on each specimen. The stem is unique with the way it stands up tall. This is one reason this specie can be a focal point for a specific area. You can add a variety of other perennial flowers throughout your landscape or gardens. Now is a great time to get a head start for your upcoming garden.

The Mallow family is truly an ideal flower to plant in many different style gardens. Hollyhocks can grow all over the world. Whether you are in the mist of winter beginning, or the heat of summertime, Herbee highly recommends to add this flowering plant in the beauty of your outdoors.

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