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Herb Vinegar Made From Fresh Leaves

Fresh leaves make the best herb vinegar. You might be surprised how many different tasty and colorful vinegars you can make using a variety of leaves. You can also use fresh garlic, along with small peppers and lemons. These vinegars add a great flavor in so many different dishes. Herbee's ready to go to the kitchen, follow him.

Materials You Will Need

  • Two cup measuring devise - plastic or glass will work
  • Funnel and long metal skewer
  • Pot for the stove
  • Clear long bottle, and cork

  • White Distilled Vinegar
  • Fresh herb leaves, lemon, fresh garlic
  • Small cayenne pepper, garden salsa, or super chili red pepper

Material For Herb Vinegars

Steps On Making Vinegar

  1. Decide what herbs you want to use.

  2. Cut the fresh leaves from the plant, or buy the leaves at grocery or specialty stores.

  3. Wash the leaves in cold water and gently pat them dry with a paper towel. Let them dry for about five minutes.

  4. For the first couple of times pour your cold vinegar into your bottle using the funnel. When bottle is full pour into your measuring cup. This will tell you how much vinegar you will need per bottle.

  5. Pour the full bottle of vinegar into your pot on the stove. Once you do this a few times you will know how much vinegar it takes for one bottle.

  6. Heat your vinegar to almost a boil, but don't let it boil. Turn the stove down and the vinegar will stay hot.

  7. Garlic is optional but adds a lot of flavor. Peel garlic and use about three or four cloves per bottle.

  8. Add your favorite small pepper. You can use as many as you want. I put some in the bottom of the bottle, and some throughout the herbs.

  9. Use whole leaves of herbs and take the skewer and gently push the herbs down in the bottle. You can fill the bottle as full as you like it to be. Some people want only a few herbs, and others like their bottle full of color. You can do a couple and see what you prefer.

  10. Fill you herbs right to the top of the bottle. Take your funnel and put it in the top of the bottle. Pour the hot vinegar all the way to the top. Don't secure the cork yet, as the herbs and vinegar will settle some.

  11. Wait about fifteen to twenty minutes and see if you will have to add a little more herbs or vinegar. You will want the the vinegar right to the top before you push the cork on tight. See how easy it is to make herb vinegars.

Nancy Chioffi
Keeping The Harvest

This is a great resource book. Nancy Chioffi and Gretchen Mead go into wonderful details on preserving, canning, and storing your harvest. Great gift idea as well.

Drying herb leaves is another option. Follow the link at the bottom of the page to find out how. The shelf life is about 6 months if you are using it for cooking.

Even if you're not interested in cooking with herb vinegars, the bottle makes a great decoration on the counter top in your kitchen.

Two Herbee Recipes

Chives And Garlic Herb Vinegar

Garlic Chive Herb Vinegar

Herbee uses these vegetables in beef and pork dishes, along with many green vegetables.

  1. 3 or 4 sprigs of rosemary
  2. 3 to 4 cloves of garlic
  3. 4 to 6 leaves of Italian leaf basil
  4. 4 to 6 long stems of garlic chives
  5. 5 to 7 red peppers
  6. handful of thyme and oregano

This will make one to two bottles.

Dill And Lemon Herb Vinegar

Lemon And Dill Vinegar

You can use this vinegar for fresh fish, and chicken baked or grilled out in aluminum foil. Try it on any dish, if you like lemons.

  1. 3 or 4 sprigs of garlic
  2. 6 to 6 sprigs of dill
  3. 4 to 5 pieces of lemon cut up
  4. 2 to 3 sprigs of rosemary
  5. 4 to 6 stems of garlic chives

This will make one to two bottles.

There are so many different options you can also do with herbs and spices for year around enjoyment. Play around with any combination of fresh herbs and you can create a great flavored herb vinegar.

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