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Herb Garden Plans

Herb garden plans have been done for centuries. Starting with English gardens, and many cultures using these plants for medicinal purposes. This section Herb wanted to share with you not only some of the most popular specimens, but a few landscape ideas. Have you ever considered making vinegar out of the culinary varieties. Herbee will share with you how to, and show you the end results.

Did you know in reality, there are hundreds and hundreds of plants that are considered herbs? When we think of this particular family, many of us think of the cooking herbs, such as Rosemary, Basil, Thyme, or Oregano.Many of the flowers on these plants are dried and used in potpourri, or arrangements. Herbee hopes you will get a better understanding of some of his favorite plant specimens, and ways to use these herbs.

Growing From Seeds, Germinating Times - Lighting, Perennial And Annual Info

Learn Herbee's secrect of successfully growing your plants from seeds.

Here is some information for you on germinating times and lighting requirements for some varieties.

Here are some annual and perennial herbs. Great container and ground garden plants.

Herb Vinegars, Cooking, Healing Favorites, And Tea

Herb vinegars are delicious and easy to make. Herbee shares two of his favorite recipes.

Herbee wanted to show you the basic and most popular cooking herbs.

Here are basic healing herbs that also are your culinary favorites.

Herbal teas can be store bought, or you can make them yourself. Find out the benefits for different herbs.

Drying Herbs, Botanical Names, And Guide To Several Herb Gardens

Drying herbs is a popular way to preserve and enjoy. Here is a picture of Oregano drying on a screen.

Herbee wants to share some botanical names of herbs. Great resource page.

Here is a simple illustration of a complete herbal design.

Sun And Shade Gardens, Mint, And Tarragon

Some herbs need full sun, some partical sun, and some do best in shade. Find out the details for your gardens and landscapes.

Mint is one of the biggest family member. Checkout the different varieties you can plant.

Tarrigon is a perennial, and Coriander is annual. Find out more about these two plants.

Chamomile, Fennel, And Primrose

The Chamomile evening is a great option for you. Beautiful soft pink blossoms, with danty stems.

Fennel is another plant that has been around for quite awhile. Fennel is a member of the Parsley Family.

The evening variety of Primrose has soft looking pink flowers. Native To North America.

Yarrow, Lemon Balm, And Garlic

Yarrow has varieties of white, pink, and red flowers. Soft flowing leaves make this specie wonderful for a home garden.

Lemon Balm is actually a member of the Mint family. Herbee wanted to spotlight this specie for you.

Garlic is easy to grow. Find out what varieties are available in your neck of the woods.

Asparagus, Artichoke, And Celery

Asparagus is a member of the Lily family, and grows in a wide range of climates.

Artichokes - Learn how to grow your own from seed or usinge shoots from another plant.

Celery is considered a bi-annual. Herbee shares a little history of Celery.

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