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Gardening With Herbee Blog

Gardening With Herbee Blog is a way for you to stay updated on all articles and insights in the world of gardening. Herbee wants to make sure you have the best information on different plants and enviroments for healthy gardens.

Today, some people are looking for plants that don't require much work. Others want to spend the time out in their gardens for relaxation and enjoyment. Whatever your situation is, Herbee is here to guide you. Whether it be planning a garden, properly prepping, or correct way to plant, you can find all the information right here on the blog. Bookmark this site today, and stay in tune. You won't be disappointed

Is it hopeless?

Last Fall my yard guy planted a beautiful red maple in our backyard. Unfortunately he planted it too deep, and with the amount of rain we had this Spring,

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Gardening With Herbee

Gardening with Herbee is a great way to learn and grow your own plants. Whether ground or container gardens, find information on hundreds of plants year around.

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Trouble with Yellowing Cedars

Really need help! Do I cut the yellow out? Located in Alberta, Canada

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Pruning Trees And Shrubs Properly

Properly pruning trees and shrubs is critical to overall health of your gardens and landscapes. Diagonal cut will ensure good growth patterns. Herbee shares some tips.

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Fall Landscape And Lawn Tips

Fall landscape and lawn tips shares things that you should do with your gardens, trees, and shrubs before the cold weather sets in.

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Camellia Japonica

The Camellia Japonica is a spectacular winter shrub. The magnificent varietiy of colors make southerners happy they can plant this family. Join the Herbee as he shares some insights into this beautiful family.

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Cypress Family Shrubs And Trees

The Cypress family creates a great evergreen look and feel to your garden or landscape. Follow Herbee over to the Cypress page and get some insights on these attractive shrubs and trees.

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Magnolia Trees - Spectacular White Flowers

The Magnolia family is one of the most spectacular plant specimens around. The flower emerges in spring to summer months. Have you ever smelled a Magnolia flower? So soothing. Head on over with Herbee and get a little insight on the Magnolia tree.

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Palm Trees Or Evergreen Privacy Trees

Herbee here. I need some help!!!!!! I have a special growing older lady that needs your opinion. She loves palm trees, and she also loves evergreen privacy trees. If you had a choice, which would your prefer, to be on holiday or vacation, looking at palm trees, or in the mountains walking along some big evergreens? Please take the time to share which one you would love! Thanks so much, and have a great Tuesday! Head on over to Facebook and help this older lady out! Thanks!Palm trees - Evergreen trees - https://www.facebook.com/gardeningwithherbee

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Spacing Vegetables

Good Monday to you, Herbee here. Let's start planning our vegetable garden today. Here are some simple tips and insights on different veggies to do throughout your growing season. Have a great day and evening!!!! I'll be back after I buzz around the yard and get some preparation done!

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