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Gardening Care And Solutions

Gardening care is a section devoted to help you find answers and solutions for your landscape area. There may be some issues that come up once the project is completed. Some new and existing trees can go into shock, find out what you can do about it and how you can potentially save your tree. Have you ever decided to move a plant, but not sure the steps on properly doing it? Herbee provides insides on transplanting shrubs.

Below are some everyday topics that many people like yourself wander about with outdoor projects. Herbee's goal is to provide you with solutions that will give you the end result you are looking for, enjoyment of your gardens and landscape.

New Trees Under Stress, Transplanting Steps, And Properly Trimming Your Plants

Sometimes new trees go into shock. There are certain things you can do to save your trees.

Transplanting trees and shrubs are very similar. Your goal is to keep the mother - tap root intact.

Knowing how to properly prune your trees and shrubs is critical to you maintaining healthy specimens.

Propagating And Dividing Plants And Feeding

Take herb and flower stem cuttings and propagate them into beautiful specimens, which saves you money.

Herbee cringes when he sees plants that have grown too big for their pots. Give those roots some space to grow.

Feeding your plants is an important part of their overall health. Simple tips for your outdoor investment.

Identifying And Spraying For Weeds, Insects, And Diseases

Identifying lawn weeds can be frustrating. Gardening care take you through some simple tips to follow for your lawn.

Identify the insects and diseases on your plant specimens. Understand the importance of properly knowing what is wrong with the branches, flowers, or leaves on your trees and shrubs.

Don't you get sick of seeing weeds or insects nibbling at the leaves? Herbee shares a few ideas on how to control your these pesky items.

Watering Options And Making Compost

It's important to know your options. Simple tips and techniques for watering your lawn or outside beds.

Herbee recommends if possible to take the time to make your own natural compost. Great for your specimens.

Some of you may have experienced in the past drought, resulting in water restrictions. Here is a little insight on ways to help you.

Corrugated Pipes, Dealing With Hill Planting, Spruce Up Your Business

Corrugated drainage pipes in landscapes is a solution to a water problem area. Find out more how to solve this outdoor issue.

Prepare a slope the right way, and you'll have a beautifully planted hillside ... with no erosion.

A great way to give your employees a positive atmosphere is to have an inviting landscape. Great for customers or clients as well.

These are all great outdoor investments that will give years of enjoyment to you and your family.

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