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Garden Learning Center For All Ages

The garden learning center is here to give some ideas on education using information on different areas of gardening and landscaping. This section is especially for anyone that wants insights and simple tips on topics such as germination, and the next step of planting the plugs.

Herbee is calling teachers, moms and dads, students and children to join him with this adventure. We all know children love to play in the dirt. Why not incorporate and teach the value of their natural outside surroundings? Planting trees, bushes, or flowers can add so much to their educational experience.

Below are some topics Herbee thought each of you would enjoy, and Herbee's Big Buzz Books about gardening with children!

Watching Seeds Grow, Steps In Planting A Plug, Teaching Colors - Numbers - Leaves

A great school activity is to have students plant and watch seeds grow. Wonderful way to enhance their knowledge of process of germination to plant size.

Here are some basic tips and steps on planting a plug. Take a look at the end results.

A great educational experience for any age child. Teach them through hands on, gaining insights on plants different colors, use of numbers, and the leaf structure.

Tree Trunk Photos, Bonsai Small Project, Winter Indoor Plant Project

Have you noticed the different colors and textures of tree-trunks? Here are a few pictures and a little description. The above is a Crepe Myrtle.

Here are two little projects to do at school or home. Great for creativity and also eye - hand coordination.

This inside project can be done by the whole family or classroom. Finish the project with some miniature lights.

Banyan - Ficus Tree, Fun Ways To Fix Kids Vegetables

The Banyan is a member of the Ficus family. It's known for its massive roots and trunk. Find out more.

Soybeans are mainly grown for commercial use and one of a farmer's form of income.

Here are a couple of different and fun ideas to get kids to eat their vegetables. Grow your own vegetables and enjoy with your children.

Herbee's Big Buzz Books For Healthy Kids

As you can see there this section gives you a little bit about many different topics. Feel free to check out other sections and pages. Herbee loves when you stay and visit.

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