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Garden Borders

Garden borders with flowers, stones and other material can complete any landscape project. There are many different styles to choose from today. This is the final step in any landscape or hardscape job. Finishing off a garden bed starts at the beginning, with the planning phase. Companies provide us today with the opportunity to create our own individual look.

Your budget will play a role and unfortunately for some, the money tends to run out by the end of an outdoor project. This is why it is so important to plan the entire project before you begin. You will plan, prep, plant, or install material. Creating the garden border will enhance the appearance, as well as increase the value of your property.

Herbee would like to touch on a few basic borders that many of my clients enjoy. This could be a three page topic, but lets take a look at the basic and simple ideas for your garden borders. Materials range from black edging to landscape timbers. Below are some pictures of different styles that are affordable.

Masonry Brick

Masonry Brick

Railroad Ties

Railroad Ties

The first photo is of masonry bricks along a driveway. The bricks are on both sides. The owner did four rows of vertical bricks and a top decorative row of horizontal bricks. They put a vegetable garden on the left hand side. Their property is located in a shaded area and this was one of the only places to receive sunlight. A great look to the entrance of a home.

The second photo is of a landscape bed by the street with railroad ties. The railroad ties are eight feet long. They are heavy and also require long spikes to connect and secure each tie. This is a nice feature along the road. Two layers of railroad ties were installed to raise the bed up. You can purchase railroad ties at most specialty garden centers or landscape supply stores.

Hosta Border


Stackable Stone

Stackable Stone

A row of mature Hostas line this curved garden bed. Plants create a great look for a natural landscaping area. There is not a lot of physical labor involved. Hostas can be divided if they begin to grow together and get out of control. Many of my clients like the idea of a natural plant garden border.

Stackable stone is available today. There are many different styles, shapes, and colors to choose from. This particular bed is lined with different size stones and runs along the driveway. Notice how the stones are installed on a short hill in the grass, starting at the top one stone. The rows increase in length with the change of the terrain. This type of decorative stone can accent the colors of your home.

Black Edging

Black Edging

Natural Rocks

Natural Stone

Black edging has been around for awhile. It is very economical and provides a clean look. The material is flexible and can be put around curves in any shape landscape bed. This style of edging also comes in different colors.

The next picture is natural stone collected from the owners property. The stone surrounds a circular garden bed. Ordinary everyday stones or rocks are becoming very popular today as many people want the natural outside garden look. You can purchase natural stone at supply stores, rock quarries, or find them in the woods. Collecting different size and shapes will give your gardens a unique appearance.

Hand Made Trench

Another feature that many people are opting to do is a bed trench. The trench can be anywhere from two to six inches in depth and width. Pine straw, mulch, and decorative stone fill the bed and flow into and along the trench. It gives the entire garden a professional look. It's a great option for garden borders.

This final step of a landscape project allows you to sit back and enjoy. If you have questions on any landscape or garden project, feel free to contact Herbee and he would be happy to help you.

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