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Flower Bed Ideas

Flower bed ideas will share options for you to create beautiful gardens. Think about using these plants in your overall landscape plan. Herbee is very excited to share his favorites, along with some simple thoughts of doing your flower beds. Let's get started, so you can take these suggestions and plant a few ground or container gardens.

Perennial flowers come back every year. This is a photo of the Foxglove. Check out some other options.

Annual flowers are considered seasonal. The Polka Dot plant creates great color options for shrubs.

Both of these specimens can add rich color tones to your garden. One is a flower, the other a shrub.

The soft silver toned leaves just add to the gorgeous lavender flowers of this ornamental favorite..

Carnation flowers come in different colors. This pages shares insights and pictures of miniature carnations.

Gerber Daisies provide vibrant colors to evergreen and flowering shrubs. Great perennial blossom.

Herbee loves to use the Hollyhock for a backdrop in a flower garden. Beautiful white blossoms to go with other flowering plants.

Check out the different bloom times for perennial blossoms. Plan your beds today.

The Mum is an example of one of your choices for selecting flowers. Herbee gives you a list of other options.

There are many different annual blossoms you can palnt in a cutting garden. Use in arrangements for your enjoyment.

Burpee Gardening

Burpee Gardening

Browse through Burpee Gardening. Order plants such as flowers, vegetables, shrubs, and more. Trusted company and one Herbee has used many times.
Herbee Greenthumb

Herbee hopes that some of these beautiful flowers will give you good choices for your gardens and landscape.

As Herbee always says, "remember to have an overall plan. Think about theme gardening, color schemes, and balance. Plant in odd numbers, and think about placing plants so you can view each of the different speces."

There are so many options for you in doing all annuals, perennials, or a combination of both. If you don't have the space, a container garden may just be the right solution you are looking for.

Any questions you can go ahead and ask, Herbee is always willing and ready to help you. He loves giving you information and insights the will increase the value of your outside investment.

Good Accent Plants For You.

Deciduous Plants --- Evergreen Plants

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