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Floating Pond Plants

Floating pond plants are so attractive in this decorative outdoor feature. They create a variety of color tones for your enjoyment as well as a nice environment for Koi or any other fish. These plant specimens need care similar to land plants.

In this article Herbee wants to touch base on the basics of planting and dividing both floating and marginal specimens. With a little attention given to each of these plant families, you can maintain an eye-catching landscape in and around your pond.

A floating plant is one that requires no planting. The great aspect about this plant family is that you simply put them on the water and they will grow. There is a drawback if you live in a cooler climate where a frost develops. The plants like warmer temperatures and won't do very well in colder climates. There are heating units for ponds available today.

Marginal Plants grow around decorative ponds or bogs. They do best in water that is low or shallow. Marginal varieties love a moist environment.

Properly installing your pond and developing your landscape is very important before planting any specimens. Once your water plants have been established for a year or two, it will be time to divide them so their root systems don't get too massive. There are basically two types of root systems.

Two Types Of Root Systems

The roots are either a bulb appearance, or a spreading hairy look. The bulb root system can be place at the edge of a container. The more flowing system will need to be put in the middle of the container.

When you are ready to divide your roots, take a knife and separate the main root from the baby root. Make sure you keep intact the entire plant, including the foliage. This is an advantage of these plants as once they are established, you can divide them.

Floating and marginal plants, as well as other aquatic specimens, are fast growers. Properly planting them as well as dividing them will ensure you healthy specimens and stunning accents to your decorative pond. Below are four pictures of aquatic plants in a decorative pond.

Some Floating Plants Around Decorative Pond

Aquatic Delight Marginal Plants Koi Fish Love Floating Plants Marginal Plants By Rocks

List Of Floating Pond Plants

  1. Water Cress
  2. Penny Wort
  3. Duck Weed
  4. Water Hyacinth
  5. Common Salvinia - this is popular
    in Mexico and South America.

List Of Marginal Plants

  1. Iris
  2. Cannas
  3. Variegated Rush or Mediterranean Rush
  4. Elephant Ears
  5. Dwarf Horsetail
  6. Spider Lily
  7. Creeping Jenny
  8. Common Cattail

Any of these plant specimens will add so much to your pond or even bog area. Creating a pond or some type of water feature is a wonderful addition to your landscape.

Herbee's Hot Buzzing Floating Plants - Just For You

Herbee Greenthumb

There are so many different plants today. From evergreens, to vibrant annual and perennial flowers. Think ahead to your next growing season. What new garden are you looking to create? Decorative ponds can enhance the beauty of your property.

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