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Favorite Kids Vegetable Recipes

Favorite kids vegetable recipes? Really? Vegetables and children many times don't get along. There some parents today constantly fighting with their children to eat vegetables or other foods that are good for them.

So many families are on the constant go. There doesn't seem to be time in the day for children or adults to eat some healthy vegetables or other foods. Try to get creative. Include your children in finding healthy kids recipes that would entice them to eat more veggies.

A vegetable garden is a place to start. Involving children in doing a ground or container vegetable garden is a great hands on learning experience. The result is they are learning about the value of nature, eating right, and being creative.

Our Girls And The Tricks Of Hiding Vegetables

Our children are grown now, but we do remember the hiding of the peas under the knife, or the coughing into a napkin at the dinner table when they didn't think we were looking. Ah, times haven't changed, have they?

Creating some favorite recipes for children using vegetables, herbs, and other foods, can be a fun and fulfilling project. The project, over time, can become a daily ritual for your family. There is a growing awareness today of nutritional eating habits in both two parent and single parent families.

There are a couple of ways to think about how you could take a certain favorite vegetable and create it into a dish or meal that your or child or children will enjoy. Many children are taught the four basic food groups, and much of what a child decides to eat can depend on the color and texture of food.

Have you watched your child's gestures when it comes to vegetables? Think about asparagus. Can you imagine, all they see is this long green thing. Words that come to their minds may be: "slimy and gross". Asparagus can grow in a garden, or be bought at a farmers market or grocery store. This vegetable is rich in vitamins and also low calorie. Now you're thinking, "How can I get my child to eat asparagus?"

Favorite Kids Vegetable Recipes - A Face

Vegetable Face

Ingredients In The Vegetable Face

This may look mighty strange to you. Herbee and I decided to take asparagus to represent hair. Two slices of cucumbers are the eyes. The nose is half of a tomato, and there are three carrots for the face.

The outlining of the face is made with four pieces of garlic chives. Notice the eyeballs, two pieces of chocolate. It is alright to add a small quantity of a sweet, such as chocolate, into a healthy dish. Dark chocolate is better.

Many years ago, before our landscape and design business, I was a lead teacher for an Early Childhood Learning Center. One of the goals was to allow children to create through hands-on learning. This is so true today with both adults and children.

Start out with a garden, maintain the vegetables, and allow children to create their own face. You can also create other objects. Think about using shapes, such as a triangle, circle, or square. These shapes can entice your children to experiment with texture and taste.

If you can't have a garden, as mentioned above, a couple of containers can help with healthy favorite kids vegetable recipes. You can go ahead and buy some vegetables. Allow kids the opportunity to develop their personality in a healthy way.

Teaching children through behavior modification does have its benefits. Trying a piece of vegetable before the reward of chocolate can motivate a child to experiment with healthy foods. You can create snack dishes, or a good portion of a meal, using simple vegetables. Start out with any favorites your children or you may have.

Peanut Butter And Vegetables

Veggies And Peanut Butter

A simple dish of cut up tomatoes and cucumbers will work. Add a little ramekin (small dish) of peanut butter and celery and you have not only a favorite kids vegetable recipe, but adults, too. It's also a great source of protein.

Herbee Greenthumb

Hi boys and girls,
doesn't this look delicious?

The half of tomato was broiled. Cheese made up the filling. The tomato will take about ten minutes to soften in a broiler. Add the cheese a minute or two before you remove from the oven. Five little parsley leaves were added to give the vegetable a little more color.

Tomatoes, Cucumbers, And A Few Treats

Healthy Veggies For Kids

One of your goals in planning a garden to create healthy meals, is to think about different themes you can use throughout the year. The idea of creating unique vegetable dishes can be done in any of the four seasons.

Come up with a weekly or monthly theme in the classroom or home. Allowing children to experiment with textures and taste is a great hands on learning adventure. You may be surprised after they are allowed to create something, their curiosity will win over and they will begin to taste their creation.

Create a small area using your favorite vegetable or herb, and grow them from seeds. It doesn't matter if you have a small outdoor space or a little table indoors.

Incorporating an outside or inside garden with healthy eating is a great way to teach children the importance of vegetables in their diet. They just may up with their own favorite veggies.

Herbee and I also believe it will help adults become more aware of their own eating habits. Below you can get some other ideas for creating dishes using other herbs and spices. Many of these plant specimens have an added nutritional value for your veggies.

This article is a little different from other landscape articles on this web site. One of our goals is to be able to give you ideas using the outside environment, as well as being creative with plant specimens.

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