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Evergreen Plants

The definition of evergreen plants is: a specimen that retains color year around. Herbee will take you into the gallery section. For instance, did you know that the perception is, Junipers are only used for slopes or banks? You have so many other ways you can incorporate Junipers. In rock gardens, foundation planting, and more.

Many people like yourself today are looking for trees and shrubs that are low maintenance, and keeping their color all year. This section provides you climate zones, photos, and descriptions of a wide variety of plants.

Year around plants is divided into two categories, flowering and foliage. Flowering trees and shrubs have leaves or foliage too, but foliage plants just have leaves. Herbee likes to make sure everyone understands the difference. He is very conscious to give you correct information. Well, I see Herbee is ready to head outside to give you some insights of these special plant families.

Flowering Year Around Plants

Herbee Greenthumb

Herbee here. So glad you could join me in the beautiful walk through the magnificent flowering and foliage evergreen plants section. Enjoy, relax, and plan your gardens today!

Loropetalum highlights your garden with rich tones of green and purple leaves. Come see some pictures and learn how to prune this family.

A definite spring time showcase! The warmth of the ground and temperatures emerges the Indian Hawthorn delicate mass of flowers. Find out some insights of this popular shrub.

The Tea Olive or Osmanthus can be a year around treasure. The flowers have an aroma that will delight your senses.

Pieris Japonica is a gem in the late winter months. This Japanese style plant creates a beautiful accent in a landscape.

The southeastern United States breathtaking flowers. Did you know the dwarf Magnolia is called the Little Gem.

Camellia Japonica represents cooler weather color. Create a color theme base garden using the Camellia Japonica as accents.

The sister to the Camellia Japonica is the the Sasanqua. Both create a mass of color in any garden setting. Notice the bee pollinating on the flower nectar.

Rhododendrons are fantastic options to do mass planting. Sprinkle in Mountain Laurels, and you have gardens that glisten with vibrant colors.

There above is a sample of some of the most popular year around flowering plants. Below are eight wonderful solid and variegated year around colored specimens. Many of these trees and shrubs on this page make companion gardening easier to plan.

Evergreen Foliage Plants

The Lemon Thread is one of many different Cypress members. Great shrub to accent bird feeders and other outdoor features.

The Holmstrup Arborvitae is a rich green color. Great along with variegated shrubs, as well as mass perennial flowers throughout a bed.

The Cryptomeria is a wonderful privacy or back drop tree. The photo above is of new leaves out on this tree.

The Boxwood shrubs are known for being seen in formal gardens. The English garden is a prime example.

The Juniper family has a wide variety of specimens. The Pfitzer is does great around a coastal setting.

Nandina is know for their changes of color from green leaves to red in the colder months. Head on over to the Nandina page to find out more.

The Fat Albert Spruce is a slow grower, but a delightful teal colored needle like leaves to give your landscape a new look. Great next to a Cryptomeria.

The Holly family has different textured leaves. The picture about is the Japanese Helleri Holly. Use in foundation planting, as well as in many theme based gardens.

The above specimens are only 15 evergreen families. Of course there are many more. You will find other year around plants on pages that have complimentary deciduous plants. Herbee hopes he motivated you to create a colorful landscape for years to come.

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