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Dried Mushroom Wood Ear

A dried mushroom, Wood Ear, is a popular herb in the culinary world. It is a member of the jelly fungus mushroom family. This mushroom fungus is native to a lot of Asian countries, especially China and Thailand. It is also grown in some Pacific Islands, Europe, and the Pacific Northwest of the United States.

Dried Wood Ear Mushrooms

This specie needs a warm, moist, and high humidity environment to mature for many of these broad leaf varieties. In Thailand, during the rainy season, the volume is high in markets for the Wood Ear, either fresh or dried. The prices are lower during the monsoon season.

The fresh Wood Ears vary in size on these trees and have different shapes of caps and stalks. Their texture can resemble a sticky or gooey feel and this mushroom can be brown in color or a see through look. The surface can be smooth or bumpy.

The Wood Ear name was derived from the resemblance to the shape of an ear in the clumps of mushrooms growing on the trees. Oak is one of the most common trees you can find the wood ear attached. Firs, Elder, and Poplar are other trees as well.

This is one way they look in markets that sell the wood ear mushrooms. Their texture is brittle and you can tell they have gone through the dehydration process. Fresh weighs about eight to ten times more than the dried, and are are about four to six times bigger.

Chefs that can find them fresh will use them raw, as the mushroom gives off a woodsy flavor. There is a simple method to re-hydrating dried wood ear for a variety of culinary dishes. You can put them in hot water and soak them for a half an hour to an hour. Pour them through a coffee filter to strain the mushrooms. Save the juice for cooking.

Pour the mushrooms back into the coffee filter and wash again. Pat them with a paper towel to remove excess water. Herbs and spices are a great addition to your culinary dishes, and can compliment the dried wood ear mushrooms.

Some gourmet chefs like to bring the mushrooms to a boil, remove, and let sit for an hour. This is a good idea if you want to add the wood ear to a dish that is almost done.

Popular dishes to add this mushroom are stir fries, soups, and stuffings. A nice touch is to add the pine nuts, fresh basil and chives to a chicken, vegetable or other meat stir fry. The combined ingredients create a unique and wonderful flavor for you favorite stir fry. There are many wonderful recipes today using the wood ear mushroom.

The Wood Ear mushroom also has many health benefits. This fungi is known to help in possibly preventing strokes, blood clots, heart attacks and blood vessel diseases. They're full of protein, calcium, and iron, and have almost no fat. Always check with a professional about what is best for your own personal health.

The Wood Ear Mushroom whether fresh or dried, creates a unique texture in a variety of different culinary dishes.

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