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Deck Install Simple Steps

Tackle your deck install project and before you know it, you'll be sitting out with friends and family, enjoying the outdoors. The wooden variety can be simple to build. There are many different designs available for you and sometimes it can be overwhelming, with all the possibilities. This wonderful outdoor feature can be made informal or formal.

A simple tip is to try and keep the style of your deck with the look and feel of the outside of your house. How is the contour of your property? Will you have to work with uneven terrain or can you prepare the area like you would any landscape garden? These are all basic things to think about when planning a deck project. Below are easy steps on building a ten by fourteen deck.

This particular wood deck was originally built about 30 years ago. It was rebuilt about fifteen years ago. The deck has not been stained, so you can see what happens to the wood over years. It was build over a level piece of land so the prep work consisted of tilling and raking out the soil. Here is a list of some basic materials to use for this project.

Materials And Equipment For A Deck Install

  1. Safety goggles
  2. Table saw to cut angles, but a mitre saw is even better
  3. Circular saw for the straight cuts
  4. Pressure treated lumber - Cedar or Redwoods are appealing but hard to find.
  5. Exterior grade decking screws
  6. Level and tape measure
  7. A post hole digger
  8. Drill with a screw driver bit or screw driver
  9. Bolts


Wood Deck Border

Angle Cut

Wood Border Angle Cut

Plan out the entire deck install project before you start. Consider what type of border you want, if any, around the edge of the main decking boards. A border gives a nice finished and formal appearance.

Take a look at the picture above as it will show you one type of border. This is a border that runs three decking boards vertically. Notice the difference as the actual decking boards are running horizontal. There are other borders you can do such as diagonal or a weaving pattern. These are a little more complicated and sometimes best left for the experts.

The first step is to take the post hole digger and dig four holes for 4 x 4's. Dig down three feet or more as you want to go below the frost line. You will be securing all four corners. Another recommendation is to put joist boards across the posts for added strength to the decking boards. 2 x 8's will do fine.

Put the joists sixteen inches apart. In this deck, fifteen 4 x 10 boards were installed across the main deck area. You can use smaller boards to create a different look such a hard wood square pattern if you have that inside your house. The border consists of three 4 x 10 on all sides. The above photo shows you an angle cut.

You can also do a little less expensive and easier method by doing small width plank boards along the end. This will give you an informal look. The top and bottom railings are made from 4 x 10's. You can also use a 2 x 6. Secure the railings with 4 x 4 posts attached at eight different spots.

The picture below shows you the posts. They are bolted in and are notched to the decking frame. There are seven 2 x 2 spindles on either side of the 4 x 4 posts. Spindles give the deck a dressier look. The stairs are four feet wide and ten inches across. There are also eight spindles going down both sides of the stairs along with two of the eight 4 x 4 posts.

Posts And Wood Spindles
Wooden Deck Stairs

An option for the bottom part of your deck is to add some lattice for a finished look, and hide the bare area underneath the deck.

The final step is to stain your wood. Herbee usually recommends to wait a year before applying stain to the pressure treated lumber. You will want the wood to dry out. If you don't want to wait a year, there are special stains for newly treated lumber. There are also a variety of colors, clear, as well as using opaque stains. The opaque stain will give you a more paint look.

Herbee's Hot Buzzing Deck Install Books

Our terrific photographer Tommy, Herbee and I have done a two story deck with the upper deck going half way around a pool. The lower deck had a built in flower bed as well as stairs going to the second deck with a landing.

It doesn't matter how large or small your deck install project is, make sure your research that right type of wood for your geographic area. Think about connecting all other aspects of the outside of your house as well as other features. Remember, your personality can reflect outside as well as inside.

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