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Deciduous Plants

The definition of deciduous plants is: trees or shrubs that are seasonal. Each of these specimens come to life when the ground warms after the colder months. The trees or shrubs will reach their peak with vibrant flowers, or rich colored foilage. As the cooler whether sets in, many of the plants leaves turn into a display of sparking autumn colors. The leaves start to fall off, and the specimens go into a dorment stage.

Herbee Greenthumb
Herbee loves sharing some information about 10 of the top plants that can highlight your own landscape or gardens. He will talk about some of the most stunning colored blossoms and leaves. Before we head out to the deciduous plants, Herbee wanted to share a little gardening tip for you.

"Hi folks, Herbee here. When planning a garden that has plants that will die out in cooler weather, always think about dead space.

Plan on planting evergreen trees and bushes around your deciduous plants. Your gardens will then be balanced."

Seasonal Trees And Shrubs

Brilliant blossoms arrive in late spring and summer. Large, round flowers to display in your gardens.

The most common Lilac come in purple and lavender colors. This fragrant beauty also comes in pink and white.

The Barberry is a colorful shrub. The ends of the leaves are have points. Should be planted away from doors.

The Bradford Pear trees produces an enormous amount of flowers in the spring. In the south, buds appear in February.

The Cleveland Pear like the Bradford Pear has stunning white flowers in spring. The Cleveland Pear is known for being more sturdy of a tree.

Virginia Sweetspire is a tree you can spot near the woods. Beautiful spring flowers arrive and light up the wooded area.

The Christmas Fern is a favorite to many people. Slender and soft, the branches extend. Great hanging plant on a deck or porch.

Mondo Grass is a wonderful ground cover. You can also plant in a rock garden. Find out more.

The smell of Honeysuckle in the springtime creates an atmosphere of relaxtion. You get an extra bonus with delicate white and yellow flowers. Invasive vine, but worth planting.

The Dogwood is a spectacular tree that productes mass blooms spring. This tree is definitely one of Herbee's favorites, here in the southeastern part of the US.

Festival grass is a vibrant seasonal plant. This popular specie can accent evergreen plants such as Chinese Pizazz, Variegated Boxwoods, Cypress, and Indian Hawthorn. There are lots of other choices for ornamental grasses, too!

These are just 11 popular deciduous plants. Of course there are many more, some of which are scattered throughout this site.

Herbee wants to give you as many options for your gardens as possible. It doesn't matter where you live or what time of year it is. Take the time to plan today.

Remember the P-P-P Method! Feel free to get some insights also on Evergreen Plants. Your goal with any garden or landscape, is to have a balanced look and feel.

As Herbee always says, "HAPPY PLANTING!"

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