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by Claude
(Hinesville, GA)

Hi Kimberly,

A few of my neighbors suggest that we have our crepe myrtle pruned but I was totally against it for some time.

However, I noticed while trying to remove the huge clumps of moss from the tree, many of the limbs were stringy and most had broken off so I took it as a sign to prune her.

I was told to wait until most of the flowers had bloomed and fallen off. After doing so, about an hour later, I saw black or dark brown beatle looking bugs crawling all over her trunks. I used a shrub and tree protectant, was that wise? I should have asked prior to applying it.

Also, I've never done pruned her before so I was also wondering if I did it properly?

Here's a photo of it when it was in full bloom and another after most of the blooms had fallen off and I pruned it.

Did we do too much?

Thanks for your help.

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Aug 12, 2011
Crepe Myrtle - How Do You Know If You've Over Pruned
by: Kimberly

Hi Claude, Kimberly here from landscape solutions for you. Thank you for asking the question on your Crepe Myrtle.

Looking at both pictures, your Crepe Myrtle had full beautiful blooms. From the second picture it looks like the tree is healthy.

I would have recommended that you wait to prune, but it sound like you had some prolems with beetles and nest. You did the right thing by treating the tree.

In the future, I always recommend to prune Crepe Myrtles in January or February. This is the prime time to prune this plant specimen. If you haven't pruned before like yourself, it is a good idea to wait until the weather turns cooler in the fall.

I do feel you will most likely be fine with the way the Crepe Myrtle looks in the photo. Due to the pruning, make sure it gets enough water, especially for the rest of the summer months.

Good luck with the Crepe Myrtle and keep us updated on how it is doing. Thanks again Claude and feel free to ask a question anytime. Have a great weekend.

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