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Companion Gardening

Companion gardening is all about taking different colored and textured shrubs and combining them. Herbee likes to think of this option as a, "mix and match planting." Take a look at your own gardens and landscape. Are the trees, shrubs, flowers, and possibly herbs blend together, and compliment each other?

In todays outside decorating, there is no set pattern for designing. Of course the main result you want for any outside area is balance. One of the most important aspect of any landscape project, that Herbee has mentioned over and over again, "always know the height and width of the plants you put into the ground."

Many people don't research this aspect of landscaping. They are excited to get their gardens done and beds looking full. The problem arises in a few years when certain species are way taller in the fonrt and smaller plants are hidden behind them. Take the time to do your research. This is the first P of the PPP method this is so improtant with outside decorating. Below are a few groups of plants that compliment each other. Of course you can "mix and match" many other options. Start today to plan your upcoming growing season.

Three great options for color. Evergreen Yew, deicidous Burning Bush and Balloon Flowers.

The Abelia and Spirea are two flowering deciduuous shrubs. Think white and pink flowers appear on either plant.

The Vinca and Blue Star Creeper can make wonderful ground covers. Consider putting them in a rock garden.

Herbee Shares A Dead Space Tip

Herbee Greenthumb

As you can see from the first three combinations, you can easily add evergreens with deciduous plants.

Herbee's here with a tip for you.

"Hey folks, one of the big mistakes people make in their landscape areas is dead space. This is space where decidious plants die out in the colder months.

Plan your gardens using evergreens around plants that will die out or go dormant in the winter months. You will be surprised how full your landscape area can look year around."

Herbee's Top Three Online Stores For Your Gardening Needs

Plow & Hearth

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Cook's Garden

Cook's Garden shares some delightful different plants you can mix and match. Vegetables, flowers, shrubs, and more.

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Burpee Gardening

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Talk about an array of color. Evergreen Cleyera, with colorful fall Mums. The Cottoneaster produces red berries throughout the winter months.

Great accent specimens. Plant a few Redbud trees with A Weeping Atlas Cedar. The teal tone in the Cedar will off set the vibrant green leaves in the Redbud.

The Eucalyptus is known for its aroma. Maple provides fall color. The Curly Leaf Ligustrums is a great evergreen for as an entrance plant into a landscape area.

There are so many different plants you can put close to each other. During your plannning phase, start with your favorite colors, and go from there. Below are some articles you may find very useful when picking out trees, shrubs, or flowers.

Good Accent Plants For You.

Deciduous Plants --- evergreen-plants

How To Plan A Garden - PPP Method

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