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Carnation Flowers - Miniature Great Cut Flowers

Carnation flowers are actually a member of the Dianthus family. The miniature variety is a very popular flower admired by florists all over the world. It is known as one of the best cut flowers to use in any style of floral arrangement.

The miniature grows well in the United States in zones four through nine. It is considered an annual and a perennial, depending on the climate. This Dianthus family member grows great in well drained soil, and will struggle if the ground is saturated.

The miniature loves full sun, but can take partial shade. It will mature up to 24 inches high and around 20 inches wide. The full growth pattern takes up to about two years. The stems are narrow with a light green to silver tone. Herbee decided to plant a miniature variety as a border. He planted them around a Sweet Gum tree. They received minimal sunlight and overall did fine. Over the years the stems of these plant specimens tend to become a little leggy, but still keep their brilliant colors.

This smaller variety will bloom from spring throughout the entire summer. In warmer climates, the flowers will come to life in May. Below are a few photos of some of the flowers. As you can see in the photos below, they still have deep color tones. Occasionally the roots will extend above the ground. Herbee recommends to plant in masses in the sun or partial shade. You can also plant them as accents in a specific style garden.

Pink, Variegated And Red Miniature Varieties

Slender Carnation Stems
Variegated Carnation
Close Up Small Red Carnation

You can also consider intermingling this specie with some annual flowers. Commercially this flower is imported and exported all over the world. It can be stored longer than any other flower. This specie is also known as the Spray Carnation.

Plant Your Seeds Today

Pink Miniature Carnation

Wow! Look at all the vibrant color options you have with this family specie. Fantastic time of the year to start your seeds. Plan now for a array of color in your container or ground garden. Mix and match, or do mass planting.

I know I am looking forward to watching this specie fill up different landscape beds this year. There are many perennial flowers that will compliment this miniature specie. Many different flowers today can produce double bloom. Growers are learning more each year with new hybrids for you.

This is a great variety to incorporate in a color base garden. In a rock garden add Star Juniper, and create an abundance of color and different textures. Great flower to consider for your garden or landscape.

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