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Canna Lily And Baby Bamboo Tropical Plants

The Canna Lily and Baby Bamboo are so very different and unique plant specimens. They are most likely to be seen in tropical locations. The great aspect of both of these specimens is they can grow in some cooler geographic locations, too. This article will have some basic information on each of these plant species and different ideas of where you could plant them in a landscape garden.

Both plant specimens are popular together near a bog, pond, or pool area. If you have ever been to a Caribbean Island or live there, you will most likely be treated to a variety of different color blooms.

The lily will grow in zone seven but should be mulched well in the colder months of winter. Another option is to plant in a container and bring it inside during the colder months. The first photo below is a close up of the actual flower. Look at the details of the two tones, the solid yellow background with a distinct pattern of orange throughout the inner petals.

Close Up Of Cana Lily

Close Up Canna

Full Canna Plant

Full Canna Plant

Canna Bud Closed

Buds Of Canna

The second picture gives you an idea of how large and unique the leaves are. These tropical beauties are native to the southeastern United States as well as Central and South America.

The third photo shows what the buds look like before they open. This particular plant is red. The anticipation of the Canna Lily flowers opening brings excitement every growing season.

Notice how the buds are all grouped together so when bloom times arrive, there is a mass of color with each plant. I love the soft green tone of the leaves and the grouping of the buds. There is beauty in watching the buds open up to full blooms.

They like full sun but can take part shade. Their height will reach from as little as 24 to 30 inches, with the tallest at six to eight feet.

Water features can be accented by many different shrubs and flowers. The lily and bamboo are just a couple of my favorites to use. These lilies love moist soil and if planted in a landscape garden, water regularly. Lilies will accent a Ginger plant as well as any solid color evergreen shrub.

I like putting the Cannas in front of a back drop of tall evergreen shrubs. Matching the variegated color of the flowers as well as the leaves of the shrubs, will explode a garden with radiant color tones. Add Coleus around the Lily. Your goal is to play off the color of the flowers and blend in foliage plants with the Lily.

Baby Bamboo

Close Up Bamboo Plant

Full Bamboo Plant

Full Bamboo Plant

The baby bamboo can grow well in zones five through eleven. It can take full sun but will do fine with partial shade. The dwarf will grow ten to twenty four inches high. The bamboo will spread twelve to eighteen inches. The shiny long green leaves gives this plant a soft and natural look. The baby does wonderful in bogs and wetland areas.

One advantage to this particular species is it can be grown indoors as a house plant. Position the plant next to or around a fish tank or indoor water feature.

The dwarf bamboo spreads easily, so you may want to consider keeping it divided. Both the Canna and the dwarf bamboo provide great color for a dry landscape garden. Mass plantings of these lilies make a beautiful bed. Border the lilies with the dwarf bamboo, and add a few other tropical shrubs.

If your climate allows for palms, create a defined area using these three plant specimens.

Herbee's Hot Buzz Picks For You

You can purchase the Lily seeds today, and get started on your topical garden. Accent with this beautiful Bamboo specie, to give yourself a change in pace. Herbee highly recommends Fred and Paul's Plants For Tropical Lanscapes book. Learn from the experts and give yourself a little slice of paradise.

Experience the beauty of a variety of plants situated on the coast and in lush gardens. There are some articles in the tropics section that may convince you to either board that plane and head to an island, or create your own tropical paradise.

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