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Bulb Plants

Bulbs planted in spring or fall gives you a wide range of color. Many people think about their growing season starting after the first frost and ending when colder temperatures arrive in the fall. A great way to extend the beauty of your landscape and gardens is to think about putting in plants that will mature during the colder months or warm months. Let's take a look at how you can plan for more vibrant colors that will enhance your outside investment longer.

Lily in a Container
Bloom of an Asiatic Lily

Crocus, Tulips, and Lilies come to mind when I think of the first sign of color in gardens in the spring. Of course this will depend on your geographic location. Here in the southeastern US we have plant specimens that will flower year around. As a landscape designer, I like to incorporate bulbs along with colorful shrubs, back drop of trees, and annual or perennial flowers.

What if you want to plant a specific garden just with bulbs? This is an outdoor project that needs some planning. Just like the four seasons, when you are planting a garden or incorporating these beautiful items, think late winter, spring, summer, and fall. You also have options as some flowers will emerge in early, mid, and late spring. Other varieties will continue in the same pattern in autumn, early, mid, and late time frame.

A word of caution, these plant specimens don't like water logged or soggy ground. They will rot out! If you have soil that is wet a great deal of time, and option is for you to do raised beds. Gives your landscape a decorative look and solves the problem. Another option you have is to do a container garden with these species. The only warning is not to keep the containers out in colder whether where the temperatures are freezing or below. If you are looking at doing a mass planting, one that you might have seen in a public garden, it does take some work. You will need large quantity of bulbs.

Dutch Flower Bulb Garden

Herbee recommends to think about your entire growing season. Once the blooms are finished, you will want to have other perennial or annual flowers nearby, so you don't have dead spaces. Many of the established beds you see with massive plantings are informal gardens.

Plant as soon as you receive them. If you are unable to plant, store them in cool and dry place. Whether you are planting in spring or fall, you will want to water them often. If you plant in fall, water until the first freeze.

Below is small list of some of the varieties for you to consider.

Some Options And Herbee's Favorite Bulbs Picked Just For You

Hardy Varieties

  • foxtail lily
  • lily of the field
  • lily of the valley
  • spring meadow saffron
  • wind flower

Semi-Hardy Varieties

  • hardy orchid
  • Persian Buttercup
  • star of Bethlehem
  • Tartar lily
  • wood sorrel

Tender Varieties

  • amaryllis
  • canna
  • dahlia
  • lily-of-the-nile
  • tuberous begonia

Check out the five pages of lucious bulbs Herbee has chosen for you. Plan your gardens today for the upcoming season.

Bulbs provide vibrant flowers when properly planted and require little care once established. This is a fantastic option for you to consider for your own outside investment. Take the tender varieties and create a few containers inside your living space. Color for you year around.

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