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Balboa Park Gardens, San Diego

Balboa Park Gardens and Botanical Building in San Diego, California has many different and unique plant specimens. This was my first visit to San Diego, and a wonderful educational experience for Tom and I.

We were at a SBI! conference and stayed a few extra days. One of my priorities was to visit and see California plant specimens and gardens.

Miniature Vietnamese Landscape
Decorative Pond

Balboa Park is a hot spot for locals and tourists. There are performing arts, museums and recreation, situated in a beautiful park area next to the San Diego Zoo. What attracted us were the botanical gardens and building.

The zoo provided beautiful foliage in the habitats for viewing the many animals and the famous Panda Bears. After five hours, we decided to take the short walk to the historic park next door.

Immediately you are drawn to the beauty of the nature in the park. This area is enormous, and these botanical gardens did not disappoint. You can enter into the world of nature that will encompass you with different sub-tropical and tropical plants.

I felt like a little child walking around and seeing the different specimens. Having been in southwest Florida at the Thomas Edison Estate and Botanical Gardens, there were some of the same varieties in palm trees as well as other specimens. Some of the tropical plants we have seen also in Mexico and Dominican Republic.

I wanted to share with you some photos Tom took of a few of the different plants around the gardens. Feel free to sit back and relax and take in some of the beauty of Balboa Park Gardens.

Aquatic Plants

Lotus Plants In Planter
Aquatic Flowers
Underwater Container With Flowers

Botanical Building

Small Botanical Garden
Root Spine Palm
Japanese Lace Fern

The next picture is a great spice used in culinary dishes throughout the world. In the spice and herb section there is a page with some information on Allspice. You'll find a link at the bottom of the page.

Allspice Tree
Flamingo Flower
Blood Leaf Plant

Final 3 Photos From The Botanical Building And Gardens

Cardinal Flower Leaves
Butchers Broom
Koi Fish In Botanical Garden

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