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Backyard Landscape Ideas

Sample pictures of backyards and their landscape areas. This page shares with you three different home owners and their personalities. Every home has a unique layout of the property. Your outdoor surroundings has its own characteristics. One of the homes is done by a professional designer and landscaper and the other two are created by the homeowners.

Each of the their properties have a totally different layout and design. Below are three different samples of homeowners with their own personality and landscape needs. They are not alike in any respect. Herbee is ready to take you on a little tour and descibe to you each yard.

Professional Landscaper And Designers Look

Walkway To Pool
Steps To Walkway
Planter In Front Of Bed

This backyard was professionally designed and landscaped by Tripp Merritt of Willow Tree Landscaping in Piedmont, South Carolina. The property had a definite problem with drainage due to the slope. The focal point of this area and the main hub, the pool.

The eating area is situated near the eloquent grill. Under the deck is a bed with plants of different textures and shapes. A decorative planter accents the bed. These particular backyard pictures shows a complete paradise. It also expresses the homeowners personality along with their form of relaxation.

The walkway is lit so the owners could use the pool to relax and entertain throughout an evening. The walkway balances well with the natural contour of the land. Blending in any hard scape and landscape gives you a very professional look when finished.

Notice the planters on either side of the stairs. The planters add a stylish look to the steps. Garden beds surround the pool with a privacy fence. Each landscape bed is defined by the the trench line.

Holly Trees
Plants Along Fence
Plants Around Pool Pump

A few Holly trees were planted along with a variety of other plants to give the backdrop some character. Plants along the fence gives the homeowner a feeling of more privacy. The evergreens also create a more intimate setting. Putting plants around the pool pump is a great way to add color and hide the entire pump. Always leave room for problems that might arise with the pummp.

Cozy Garden By Owner

Cozy Garden
Simple Chairs

This sample of a backyard property is smaller and the homeowners wanted to create an area where they could relax at any time of the day. The garden is full of unique items and has everything ranging from a glass table, chairs, picnic table and even horse shoe pits. The owner used a variety of different borders to create a unique look around the bed. The garden was built in and around trees to provide the family with shade during the hot summer months. The Hosta are wonderful plants that do great in shady locations.

Hostas Around A Tree
Glass Table

The homemade fountain provides a soothing atmosphere. The Hostas around the tree add to the character of this garden. This bed around the tree is raised up and bordered with layers of rocks. A few statues and figurines were added to complete the landscape area. This small homey haven even has outdoor speakers. A great garden to relax and enjoy.

Large Area Of Defined Beds By Homeowner

Left Side Of Bank
Right Side Of Bank

This homeowner has created a wonderful area of many different garden beds of plant specimens. Many of the plants are native to this area. He works full time and for the last five years he has spent his time building and sometimes rebuilding these inspiring landscaped areas. He has a large area to work with.

The first two sample photos show plants all along a bed that is sloped. Noticed how he added some rocks to help with the water flow. Each bed flows from one to the other. The right side property line has a hammock near the woods for a moment or two to rest. The left side has a row of different trees and shrubs to create a privacy wall.

Dry Rock Bed
Crepe Myrtle

The dry rock bed has a natural look to it but also acts as a drainage for the sloped yard. In front of the dry rock bed is a drainage grate to also help with the water flow. He planted a few single beds of Crepe Myrtles to add to the beauty of his lawn. As you can see, he still isn't finished and over the next couple of years, hopes to complete this long but satisfying landscape project.

These three backyard pictures of landscape areas are just a sample of totally unique appearances and styles. It really doesn't matter what size your yard is. Create a backyard haven with your own personality and favorite plants and outdoor features.

Whether you hire a landscaper or spend the time doing it yourself, you will be able to sit back and enjoy your hard earned investment for years to come.

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