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Annual Flower Bed

An annual flower bed is great for enjoying colorful gardens. Herbee also likes the flowers in a planter, or for accent plants around the yard. The more you have, the more he gets to pollinate! There are so many different varieties to choose from and many of these plant specimens are adaptable to a wide range of global planting zones.

When Herbee designs for clients, he recommends using these flowers in planters and container gardens because of the added flexibility. However, remember when watering your plants that container flowers will need a little extra water. They tend to dry out quicker. Below are eleven different annual flowers with a brief description of each one.

Brazilian Jasmine Mandevilla, White Mandevilla, And Coleus

Brazilian Jasmine Mandevilla
White Mandevilla

Brazilian Jasmine Mandevilla is a beautiful vine that grows to heights up to ten feet tall. The Mandevilla can take full sun. The flowers will bloom out to four inches. Both of the Mandevillas will grow well in zones nine through eleven, but will survive in zones seven and eight. Usually frost will kill them off but the roots will come back in spring time.

White Mandevilla has the same features as the Brazilian, growing the same height and width. Both plants bloom in early spring through every fall. It looks stunning on a mailbox or trellis. Both of these plants are found in mild climates around the world.

Coleus - is an annual flower with many different colors. One of the most striking variety is variegated plant. Coleus are used in gardens, containers, hanging plants, and cut arrangements. The plant can grow anywhere from one to three feet tall, and sprawl out to three feet. It can take partial sun but does very well in shade and part shade. Known as an annual in the south, some varieties do well from zone one through eleven. The Coleus is a great indoor plant.

Herbee Shops At Cooks Garden

Herbee Greenthumb
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Herbee loves to shop at The Cook's Garden for seeds and plants. He goes through the different varieties available. Late winter is a great time of year to start germinating your seeds for upcoming gardens and landscape projects.

Please don't let the gourmet gardener phrase scare you. Cook's plants are for everyone!!!

Vinca, Portulaca, And Polka Dot Plant

Polka Dot Plant

Vinca is a popular annual in zones six through eleven. There are various colors and Vinca will reach a height of twelve to eighteen inches tall. The width is about three to six inches. There are Vinca Major and Vinca Minor. The Minor is a smaller version. Vinca can take full sun or partial shade. The Minor prefers more shade over sun. Bloom time will vary and can start as early as late winter and continue through early fall. The blooms repeat their cycle.

Portulaca is a rose like plant that grows to six inches tall and spreads up to a foot. We love the texture of this annual, plus the many different colors of red, yellow, white, pink, and orange. This plant is known to thrive in hot and dry climates, but will do well in zones five through eleven. It's great as a garden border or in a planter.

The Polka Dot Plant has variegated leaves. It's great for borders, containers, and accenting evergreen shrubs. This plant does well in shade and can reach ten to eighteen feet high, and spread out twelve to fourteen feet wide. Some varieties will survive down to forty degrees. The Polka Dot plant is considered a warm weather plant, but will do well indoors in cooler climates. It is considered an annual, but will survive in zones seven through eleven in the United States.

Begonia, Small Begonia, And Gazania

Small Begonia

Begonia and Small Begonia are two varieties of this particular flower family that add so much to your annual flower bed. The larger Begonias will grow around ten inches tall and can have two to four blooms on them. They are a warm climate flower and will die out when the first frost arrives.

The small Begonia has clusters of tiny flowers. The Begonia comes in a variety of colors. New hybrids are being developed all the time. They're great plants to have on decks, and patios during the spring and summer months.

Gazania is a short lived flower for warmer climates. Although it will work in zones seven through nine, the Gazania is best known in South Africa and other countries. The daisy looking flower has colors of red, orange, vibrant yellow, and a bronze tone. This is a tender perennial in the tropics. The plants will grow twelve to eighteen inches tall, and the flower will be two to three inches wide. Even though they don't last long, I think it is a wonderful annual to use through a bed or in a container.

Geranium, Petunia, and a Guide Book For Annuals


Geraniums come in different varieties, with one of the most popular being the Hardy Geranium. The photo above shows a stunning variety. This annual grows in zones five through nine and can take below freezing temperatures. Most other varieties grow well in zones seven through nine. The Red Geranium has been a favorite for years. Today more and more growers are developing different specimens with colors of light pink and different shaped leaves. This plant grows about 10 inches tall and has blooms two to three inches wide. It's great for planters, containers and a mass in an annual flower bed.

The Petunia has so many different colors to choose from. They are hardy in zones seven through ten. When springtime arrives, thousands of trays are made available at nurseries and discount centers. The Petunia makes a colorful addition to any style garden as well as hanging pots in a porch setting. Tiny clusters of flowers remain on the plant through the fall. Mass planting creates a delightful looking garden.

Most of these specimens are inexpensive and will have a growing season of mass color to enhance your evergreen and perennial gardens. Although many of these particular plants grow well in warmer global climates, there are some wonderful varieties of annual flowers for colder regions.

Other Plants That Will Come Back.

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Deciduous Plants --- Other Ideas For Your Annual Flower Bed

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