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About Us - Herbee And Kimberly

Hi. Herbee and Kimberly here. We wanted tell you about us, and share with you how this site has come about. We've been a team for years now, and over the years have learned so many new topics in the world of landscape, gardening, plants, and design. Now you may be thinking: How can a buzzing bee and a human team up together? Sit back, put on a creative mindset, and we will share our story.

Herbee And Kimberly's Beginning

Tomatoes From Seed

We would have to say our beginning with the outdoors and plants started at the age of five. A girlfriend and I decided to get adventuresome and were fascinated by a neighbor's garden. It was full of green tomatoes. This story has faded somewhat due to the passing of the years.

I do remember my hands were full of tomatoes, and one by one they fell to the ground as the homeowner chased us down the street. I, Kimberly, also remember a buzzing bee following me. It was strange, as if he was following me as my protector. He followed me into the garage and then disappeared.

I remember hiding under the bed, and waiting for my parents to receive the news of their youngest daughter and her first adventure with green tomatoes. (We won't go into details of what happened next!)

Growing Up With Herbee And Plant Specimens

Growing up, Herbee remained in our yard, and was always buzzing around. We were surrounded by wonderful trees, shrubs, and flowers in upstate New York. We remember relatives with gardens of lush shrubs, flowers and vegetables.

I grew up on fresh vegetables and fresh rhubarb, and of course Herbee got some. I loved sneaking Herbee a little freshly baked rhubarb pie. Herbee and I reminisce from time to time about the Willow, Hemlock, Maple, and many other varieties of trees around the area.

Common Purple Lilac

My husband, Tom, who is this site's official photographer, two daughters and I, (Herbee always follows us) have lived in different parts of the United States. Connecticut and Oklahoma offered different plant species. Each area and its different climate zone created new ideas for gardens and different landscape schemes.

We lived in Rochester, New York for twelve years. The highlight of this area was spring, and the annual Lilac Festival. The immense beauty of this specie is breathtaking, especially in the nostalgic beauty of Highland Park.

In 1993, our daughters had outgrown their sandbox, so one day Herbee and I decided to plant some culinary and basic herbs. Sand provides a wonderful growing environment for herbs. In the different places we lived, we also had vegetable gardens. In each location, got to experiment with different vegetables, shrubs, and flowers that grew well in that particular geographic location.

Moved The Family To The South - Greenville South Carolina

We have lived in Greenville since 1994. Yup. Two teenage girls, a dog, and a buzzing bee.

Immediately after we moved here, Herbee and I saw the potential to transform a large area of our property into a series of herb gardens with pathways. The problem was, we were new to the south. We didn't have much knowledge of plants that grew here. Also, moving to a new and warmer climate zone, there were so many more plant specimens available year around.

My husband, Tom, and my father built a 20 X 30 greenhouse with commercial louvers and fan for ventilation, and a large propane heater. Herbee stayed right by my side. At one time we had over 5,000 seedlings growing inside the greenhouse. There was a combination of herbs, cactus, annual and perennial flowers, small shrubs, and vegetables.

In life there always seens to be a sad time now and then. One day I noticed Herbee not flying, just laying on the ground. It was hot, and I thought he was resting. It was his time to leave this world. He passed on lying in a bed of oregano.

Good news again. To my utmost surprise, a couple of days after Herbee senior's passing, we noticed more buzzing bees flying around the gardens. Now we all know this common. What I noticed right away, these weren't just those ordinary nuisance bees. All the markings of this family of bees, were a perfect match of Herbee.

A few days had passed when I again walked past the bed of oregano. Buzzing around the vibrant flowers was a baby bee. I knew that moment, it was, Herbee Greenthumb Junior! He took his father's role, and continued on the tradition of being by my side and in the gardens.

Inside Out Landscape And Design Company Born

Once my herb gardens were complete, Herbee and I had this urge to go out and help others plan their gardens and landscape. Herbee and I began business of landscape and design in the year 2000. The first year we were on our own. The greatest aspect from day one, was working with our clients and satisfying their needs.

Tom built us ramps, and from job to job, Herbee and I would load the tiller on my little Dakota V6 truck. The first year was one of learning and understanding the needs of our clients. Hard work paid off.

Herbee and Kimberly With Clients

In the third year we were able to upgrade to a Chevy V8 work truck. We also hired a crew. There were more clients, and it was a very busy spring and fall. In this southern zone, we plant year around. I would go on every job site with my crew and got as dirty as they did. My daughters would always be grossed out when they saw me come home.

Business remained strong for a few years. Herbee and I bought most of our plants from one local nursery. The service was great, with over six acres of plants to choose from. Below you will be able to read a little bit more about, Twin Bridge Nursery.

You know what they say: All good things must come to an end. In 2005, years of playing sports, and 5 years working with the crew on job sites took its toll on my knees. My orthopedic surgeon told me, "no more landscaping." Herbee and I couldn't imagine not going to client's yards, planning, prepping, and planting their gardens and landscape.

On December 31, at 11:45 PM, I walked out to my truck, and pulled the Inside Out Landscape and Design signs off both the sides of my truck. Yes, Herbee was buzzing right beside me.

Transformation To An Online Business

For a year Herbee and I pondered what to do. In the meantime, he kept our flowers pollenated during the growing season. In 2007, I found a top notch hosting company, and our landscape and garden site was born. We have done some changes over the years, but have never steered away from our passion of helping folks like you.

We love helping you learn about plants, how to plan a garden, and other aspects of everyday landscaping. Over the past year, we have made this site mobile friendly for you. We also want you to have a simple and easy way to navigate around the site.

Herbee continues to buzz around. I know I am getting sentimental, but Herbee stays inside with me during the winter months. He is always here when we work on this site.

Present - Two Jobs - All About Plants, Gardening, and Designing

Herbee and I are 100% committed to continue this site for you. Besides this site, our focus will be on educating the younger generation to understand the importance of doing self planting to reap the benefits.

For now, Herbee and I would like to thank you for visiting our about us page, and site. Feel free to come back often, and check for new adventures and ideas with your upcoming garden and landscape projects.

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