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A Winter Accent - Pansies And 2 Evergreen Shrubs

A tiny winter accent for your outdoor area. This is an inexpensive and easy garden project to do in the autumn season.

Simply take some pansies, a couple of evergreen shrubs, and a small outdoor feature. Arrange the flowers and shrubs around or near the feature. You will have a delightful colorful view throughout the colder months of the year.

Pansies are an annual that grows well in zones one through eleven. During the colder months, pansies are known to light up the ground with their many vibrant colors.You can put pansies out during the colder months in zones six through nine. They do well in full sun or part shade. Pansies are also great in planters. Put a couple of planters on your front steps with a dwarf shrub in the center of each pot. Add different color pansies. The planters create nice color from the curb side as well as for your enjoyment.

Materials: Pansies And Two Evergreen Shrubs

Pansies And Cypress
Close Up Winter Pansies
Blue False Boulevard Cypress

In the project below I used a small area and an existing sundial as the outdoor feature. The goal was to stay within a very small budget but add just enough color for the winter months. Planning any project you always have to think of long term. I decided to add two evergreen Blue False Boulevard Cypress along with the Pansies. This Cypress will grow in zones four through seven and can reach anywhere from six to twelve feet. It can take full sun to part shade. Due to the fact that both of these small trees will get bigger, plan on pruning each of them in natural form, but to keep their size manageable.

The Blue False has a soft teal tone and accents great with the different colors pansies. If you consider planting the Blue False, make sure you have an open area for it to mature. If this cypress doesn't grow well in your area, Arborvitaes, other Cypress, dwarf Hemlocks, or Mugo Pines will work. Instead of adding a little mulch or pine straw to complete this garden project, I used Eucalyptus leaves to bring out the teal tones in the Blue False. If you can grow a Eucalyptus tree in your area this is a great form of natural mulch.

Existing Sundial Area - No Plants, Now Panies Around

Existing Sundial And Planting Area
Pansies And Shrubs Planted

Herbee took some pictures so you can see how each step of this project was done. The materials are one flat of multi color pansies and two one gallon Blue False Boulevard Cypress shrubs. As you can see there are white, a red - orange tone, as well as different shades of purple tones in the flowers.

Winter Garden Bed Planted, Close Up Of Mulch

Pansies And Shrubs Planted
Close Up Of Eucalyptus

The sundial was moved to the location to make it the focal point. The ground had been prepared before so the only prep work was to rake out the old pine straw. You can turn over the soil but won't have to go deep as the pansy plugs and one gallons don't require much depth.

Once you have the ground ready, go ahead and arrange the flowers and two shrubs. I decided in this little garden project to make a circle around the sundial. Place the shrubs on either side of the sundial. I rotated out the colors of the pansies and planted them close together. Mushroom compost works great as a organic fertilizer and will last up to one year. Mix a small amount throughout the soil.

Above is a picture of the the small area complete with the Eucalyptus leaves. You can see how the teal tone of the Eucalyptus leaves adds richness to the pansies and cypress shrubs. Due to the small size of the Cypress shrubs, it may be hard to see them in this picture. They blend in and balance well with the Eucalyptus. The best way to take the leaves off the branches of the Eucalyptus is to slide your hand across the branch, and the leaves will come off. This is a little time consuming but worth the look at the end.

A tip for you when working with the leaves, there is sap in Eucalyptus so be prepared to get your hands a little sticky. Mulch, pine straw, and decorative stones can also be used for this winter project. This winter garden project is easily done in an hour or two. You can substitute the sundial with just about any other outdoor feature. A bird feeder, bird bath, any ornaments, or by a near by structure. In springtime after the pansies die out, put in some Petunias or other annuals.

Your choices will depend on what climatic zone you live in. A final touch to this tiny winter accent is to put a decorative outside light near the area. You will be able to enjoy this garden during the day as well as throughout the evening hours. Go ahead and give yourself a little treat to some colorful pansies and a couple of evergreen shrubs to enjoy through the cooler months.

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