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Walkways Without Concrete

Walkways look beautiful with mortar. An alternative solution is a pathway without cement. A growing number of companies are providing materials that allow you to use sand or decorative rocks in-between your bricks, stones, or pavers.

Walkway With Mortar

Walkway With Mortar

Of course there are professional landscapers and contractors who can do the labor, but a mortar-less project is something you can do yourself. Manufacturers nationally and in different geographical locations can provide you with a detailed step by step process on their products. Let's walk through the basics of building your own decorative pathway.

The first step is to decide where you want the pathway and how long and wide. Some can go three to four feet wide and the length will depend on the areas you want to join. One type of pathway my crew and myself did was a decorative flagstone with sand from a house down to to a boat dock.

Steps In Building A Walkway Without Cement

Walkway Without Mortar
  1. Measure the entire area. Put stakes in and take string and rope off your exact measurements.

  2. The ground will need to be worked, so pull the sod, if any and til the soil. This particular job was down a slope so it did take a little bit of balancing the tiller. If you don't own a tiller, you can rent one or use a mattock and shovel. (I prefer the tiller, as it really saves you time and sore muscles.

  3. Prepare the soil by raking any small stones or other debris. If you are on a small incline, use a level for each row of stone you put in. Even if you're on a flat surface, always use a level.

  4. Put a two inch layer of sand all the way down the walkway and level it out with rakes and a tamper. A tamper is also a piece of equipment you can purchase or rent.

  5. The most difficult part of laying your stones are the first two rows. It may take some time and patience getting use to putting the stone down and making sure it is level. Always measure each row and adjust the stone as you work your way down the pathway.

  6. Once your stone is finally laid out, pour your sand over all the flagstone or other material you are using. Fill in the cracks up to the top of each stone. If you are using decorative rocks or pebbles, just fill in the cracks.

    A good recommendation is one or two inches rocks or pebbles. Design the flagstone however you would like. Follow a defined pattern or create one of your own. If you need some help just let me know.

  7. Take a broom and sweep as much of the sand off the top of the rocks, but make sure the cracks are full. Hose down the pathway and repeat two more times of putting sand and water on the path.

  8. Re-do the sand the following week as there will be some settling of the ground. This will be your last step in the project.

  9. Note: you don't have to hose the walkway if you are doing small rocks or pebbles.

Slate In Stones

Slate With Decorative Stones

This is a brief description of how to plan, prep, and do your very own walkway. Both pathways with mortar or sand make a striking area in your yard.

There are many different options of color and texture materials. Brick, Stone, and Paver Companies provide you with pictures and samples of their products. Herbee and I would be happy to assist you in developing a plan for your walkway.

Herbee's Hot Buzzing Miniature Walkway, Two Great Resource Books

Whatever way you plan on building your pathway, plan the entire project first, including all your costs of materials, labor, or your own time doing it yourself. Pathways add a great look to any garden or landscape.

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