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Tropics - Beautiful Warm Weather Plants

The tropics offer so many different native plant specimens. You'll see large green leaves, or a mass of vibrant colors. Besides the colorful flowers, many warm climate trees provide shade during the hot afternoons. Fruit trees are plentiful and the taste of fresh orange juice will put a smile on your face.

There are so many brilliant warm weather plants at different locations throughout a tranquil climate. Grab your swim suit and towel, and lets head out and take a look at some splendid warm weather plants.

Canna Lily, Mandevilla, And Jasmine

The Canna Lilies come in a variety of colors. This is a spectacular yellow flower.

The Mandevilla is stunning when in bloom. Great accent plants are the Philodendron and Begonia.

Jasmine is ideal along a rock wall. The yellow flowers look great with a Golden Euonymus bush.

Hibiscus, Bougainvillaea, And Ginger

Hibiscus can actually grow in more than just warm climate areas. In colder climates, bring this specie inside in the winter.

Bougainvillea creates a mass of flowers on the branches. The Ti and Powderpuff add color to your gardens.

The Ginger and Fatsia plants provide great colorful foliage with their leaves. The Angel Trumpet's vibrant flowers work well with these two specimens.

Kumquat, Croton, And Palm Trees

Kumquat fruit is popular to make jams or jellies. Inkberry and Sea Grape will flow nicely with this fruit tree.

Herbee calls the Croton, Coontie, and Copperleaf the "Three C Plants!"

The Palms are probably the most popular and well known tropical plant. Come see the some of the favorites.

Mango, Sweet Orange - Meyer Lemon Citrus, and Pomegranate

Did you there are over 1,000 varieties in the Mango family? Find out more.

The Sweet Orange and Meyer Lemon grow very well in warm climates. Florida is home to many of these species.

Pomegranate is a delightful ornamental and fruit tree. The seeds provide great nutritional value for you.

Plumbago, Pittosporum - Yaupon, And Powis Castle

The tiny lavender toned Plumbago flower is soothing next to the beautiful Allamanda blossom.

The Pittosporum and Yaupon Holly are lush evergreen plants. The Yaupon can grow in cooler zones.

The Powis Castle is considered a perennial or evergreen shrub. Its blue tones look great in a rock garden.

Daphne Odora, Coleus and Caladium

The Daphne Odora favors zones 7 - 9, with many characteristics of a tropical specie.

The Coleus and Caladium are fantastic sub-tropical and tropical foliage plants. Coleus growers produces a hybrid that will do well in colder climates.

Burpee Gardening

Burpee Gardening

Browse through Burpee Gardening. Order plants such as flowers, vegetables, shrubs, and more. It's a trusted company and one Herbee has used many times.

Herbee hopes you are able to gain some insight on plant specimens from the warm weather climates, as well as other useful information for your pleasure and learning experiences. Most hot climate plants love the sun, and need a sand or loam based soil. If you live in a cooler climate, there are many varieties available to create a warm weather paradise indoors.

The gorgeous natural setting of warm ocean water, with palm trees swaying softly with the wind. White sandy beaches will make anyone want to immediately kick off their shoes and clear their mind of everyday life. The native people represent a unique culture in all tropical destinations.

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