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Tropical Plants - Ginger, Fatsia And Angel Trumpet

Tropical plants provide so much beauty in the warmer climates. Many of these plant specimens can grow indoors in colder areas, too. Here are three of my favorite varieties: Ginger plant, Angel Trumpet and Fatsia.

The Ginger plant is noted for its large bright green leaves. There are many different varieties of the Ginger. This plant family can grow fine in zone seven but it can get damaged with harsh temperatures. It will die off in the winter in this zone seven, but the roots are hardy and the the plant will revitalize in the spring time. The Ginger does very well in zones eight through eleven. Below are two pictures of the shell variety and the Indian Ginger.

Lush Ginger Plant

Ginger Plant

Shell Ginger

Shell Ginger

Indian Ginger

Indian Ginger

One of Herbee's favorites, is the Dancing Crane. This is a wonderful variegated Ginger plant. It will grow well in zones eight through eleven. The picture was taken in zone seven. As you can see, the ends are brown due to a couple of frosty mornings. You can bring this plant inside during the winter months.

Dancing Crane Ginger

Dancing Crane Ginger

Variegated Crane Ginger Leaves

Variegated Crane Ginger Leaves

In springtime, this tropical plant is brought back out into the screened in porch. With the heat and humidity of the summer months, the Ginger flourishes again in size. The leaves deepen with the vibrant green color. Each change of season, I will bring the plant back inside, and then outside when the warm temperatures arrive.

The Blue Ginger will grow six to eight feet tall and does excellent in zones nine through eleven. For cooler zones, it can be used as an indoor plant year around. From mid summer through mid fall, flowers appear in colors of purple and blue tones.

This specie is native in tropical areas of warmer regions of North America, as well as Central and South America. This ginger is a medium fast grower, needs a regular watering schedule, and does well in shade but can take some sun.

It's a great plant to incorporate in a tropical indoor or outdoor theme color garden. One of the hot garden styles lately has been container gardens. The Blue Ginger is a wonderful container specimen.

Angel Trumpet

Angel Trumpet
Flower Pods And Leaves Of Angel Trumpet
Cascading Angel Trumpet

The Angel Trumpet is a very popular warm climate plant. It grows well in zones seven through eleven and can take sun to part shade. In colder climates it is considered an annual.

There are many different varieties and can grow anywhere from four to ten feet. The spectacular flowers open up from mid summer through late fall or early winter. One of the highlights of the Angel Trumpet is its attraction to different bird and butterfly species.

Question From A Reader

By: Susan, Canada

Herbee Greenthumb

Hi, we are building a house in Huatulco Mexico. I have a question about Pink Trumpet Vine. Does it flower year round as well as the Bougainvillea? Which is a good recommendation for this climate? Thank you. Susan

Hi Susan, Herbee here.
Either plant specimen will bloom throughout the year. Each of these plants also have their own unique characteristics. The Bougainvillea will sprawl out and grow upward. The Trumpet vine looks spectacular near a fence, or trellis. Either one would be beautiful in this tropical location. If you have the room, why not consider planting both. Each has different flower colors and sizes. The best of luck to you with your new home.

The Angel Trumpet offers bloom colors in yellow, orange, white, lavender and a golden tone. One word of caution if you are considering this plant for indoors or even outdoors, the entire plant is poisonous. It needs to be regularly watered don't don't over water, as it will damage the roots. Great specimen next to evergreens and other ornamental plants.


Close Up Of Fatsia

The Fatsia can be a showcase in any warmer climate garden. The unique style of the large leaves creates a great focal point in a large or even small area. The Fatsia will grow in zones seven but the frost will brown out the leaves and kill it throughout the winter months. It will reappear in spring time.

This warm climate beauty does well in zones eight through ten. It will mature from six to eight feet tall, and six to eight feet wide. Superb white flowers appear in the fall months of October and November. The Fatsia needs shade as sun could very well burn the leaves. This plant looks great in a container, as well as a hedge row with multiple color perennials in front of it.

Any of these three plants will work fine in a tropical garden or containers. The Angel Trumpet can be trained on a trellis or fence area. The other two foliage plants provide an inviting presence in the container garden. They're great for decks, patios, and even balconies.

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